New Exciting Novel Undead Outlaws: Necromancer Haze and the Soul-Rot Plague has officially been released on Amazon

The new exciting novel has been released via Kindle with the paperback version due to release on Amazon in early October.

A new novel that has been described as one of the most exciting new books of 2016 has been released on Amazon. Undead Outlaws:  Necromancer Haze and the Soul-Rot Plague, which is a fantasy western is the first novel by author Matthew David.

The story is set on the world of Mear, a place where zombies, necromancers, and Frankenstein’s monsters are not only everyday humdrum facts of life; they’re the good guys. Book reviewers have described the novel as a blend of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld set in a Wild West world.

Matthew David, a screenwriter, and director has managed to do what many authors fail to accomplish with his unique style of writing. He takes the reader deep into the world of his story where lots of people want to revive the dead to pay off their debts and has them believing they are part of the story, keeping them on the edge of their seats with the excitement, the fear, and the adrenaline pumping through their veins.

Since being released, Undead Outlaws:  Necromancer Haze and the Soul-Rot Plague has received positive reviews from book reviewers with many calling for the novel to be turned into a big budget movie.

“I’m very excited about this release,” said Matthew.  “I believe that Undead Outlaws will help fill a hole for Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams fans who are craving new books along that style.”

The screenplay adaptation of Undead Outlaws made semi-finals in Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition and was awarded first place in the Action/Thriller category for the StoryPros Screenplay Contest. 

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About Matthew David

Matthew David studied comedy writing with Los Angeles’s Second City and then went on to write and direct several award-winning short films after attending film school at LACC. He’s also written or co-written for both feature-length films and television pilots. David’s screenplay rendition of Undead Outlaws was a semi-finalist in Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition and a first place winner in the StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Notes to the editor:

Summary of the book

Necromancers are in high demand. There’s a lot of people who want the dead revived to work off the debts they owed, and slave labor like that is a cheaper avenue than creating a “patchwork”—otherwise known as a Frankenstein’s monster.

But Necromancer Haze isn’t interested in using his power to magic the dead back to life. He and his gun-toting zombie partner in crime, Ern Shining, are far more interested in their next heist. But when their plan goes wrong, they find themselves on the run from Ellie, a childlike Patchwork bounty hunter, and end up in the small town of Crossroads—which appears to be the perfect place to hide.

But not everything is as it seems in Crossroads. Forced by the mayor to serve as the town’s resident necromancer while tutoring the bookish Savanna Page—the previous necromancer’s apprentice—Haze is more than a little annoyed.

When things move from annoying to dangerous, Haze and his eclectic new crew have to prepare to battle a threat that endangers both the living and the dead.

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