New Challengers Enter the Wi-Fi Scene

August International, seasoned veterans of the Bluetooth audio scene, this week officially announced the release of their first Wi-Fi speakers. The release marks their first step into the world of Multiroom Home Audio and Bluetooth Speakers. Their speakers contain a solid 15W version with two drivers and sub, and a streamlined 10W version with passive radiator.

Design-wise, the two units are practically identical, inconspicuous blacks and greys combine to give a speaker designed to be heard and not seen. The sound from both versions punches above their form factor; the smaller 10W version goes surprisingly loud, whilst its bigger 15W brother really makes use of the sub to provide a full, warm and bass rich sound.

When it comes to Multiroom, the app is almost as important as the speakers. At the launch, Spotify, Tidal, Tune In, and iHeart Radio all available to stream straight to the speakers. Allocating channels between the speakers is intuitive and can easily create true separation. If you’ve grown up on mobile phone speakers and single speaker units, then re-listening to your favourite tunes in stereo will be an ear-opening experience.

For Apple users, airplay is baked in, giving awesome sound to all aspects of your iDevices. Android users needn’t fret as Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio is also part and parcel. Connection will always be easy.

What if you want sound on the go? These speakers excel even here, the WS150 boasts 22 hours playback from its internal battery. The WS300 isn’t far behind at 14 hours. Both can get through all but the longest of days musical needs without having to stop for gas.

About Us 

August International is a UK based international company that leads the research,development and supply of consumer electronic products with the latest technology and advanced features. The company is specialized in development of wireless and smart audio and video signal receivers, decoders, streaming and display devices and wearable electronic products.

With our specialist knowledge, research capability and strong manufacturing background, we are committed to supplying products with the most advanced Features, of the highest Quality, at the most competitive Prices and with first class after-sale customer Service.

Available on Amazon here: for £100 and £80 respectively, these Wi-Fi speakers represent a great value solution for bringing your home audio to the next level.

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