Caster Concepts Offers Industry Leading Heavy Duty Caster Wheel Options for Industrial Applications

ALBION, MI – 9/7/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — A business can only truly succeed when its employees can work safely and efficiently. Caster Concepts, a group of talented designers and manufacturers located in Albion, works hard to provide caster wheel options that specifically suit a variety of industrial applications.

Casters allow an employee in an industrial setting to safely and securely move a load from one location to another, all without undue exertion that can cause accidents or injuries. Because different industrial applications require different types of load movement, Caster Concepts has taken the time to study these industries and produce caster wheels that suit them perfectly.

For example, in the competitive automotive manufacturing industry, employees must deal with many potential dangers. There’s noise from moving loads across hard floors, there’s the need to move heavy loads rather long distances from one assembly line to the next, and there’s even the need for guided vehicles that can simplify the manufacturing process. Caster concepts offers a wide variety of heavy duty casters that can provide solutions to each of these potential dangers.

Along those same lines, no industry moves more loads than the warehousing and distribution industry. In fact, that’s really all these individuals do; they keep track of and move inventory as needed. Choosing the right heavy duty casters for carts and racks can mean the difference between injured employees and safe employees, and that’s exactly what Caster Concepts does. They consider every angle before designing and manufacturing casters that suit an industry’s unique needs.

Some of the other industries that Caster Concepts specializes in when it comes to heavy duty caster wheel options include aerospace, manufacturing, boat and leisure vehicles, and train and locomotion. They consider factors such as ergonomics, weight capacities, productivity, safety, noise reduction, and economics with each wheel they design.

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