‘Creatures of the Night’ New Release by Rhett May

Rhett May has just released his latest album ‘Creatures of the Night’. Described as a 13 track masterpiece, fans are set for another treat since his last album, ‘Fast Cars and Sitars’ in 2015.

Last month news broke that ‘Latex Lady’ was set to appear from the same album. This being the first single from ‘Creatures of the Night’. The strong guitar riffs, vocals and catchy drum beats were the perfect combination to back up the raunchy & hot nature of the song and video.

‘Creatures of the Night’ has reportedly pushed the boundaries in Rhett May’s songwriting abilities, demonstrating diverse styles and sounds. This probably comes from his colorful background of music genres. These include Hindustani, which has a strong Sitar sound and influence. Ranging from Indian, to heavy rock styles.  Rhett has been exposed to sounds from Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Monkees, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.


Some of the songs on the album include ‘Lexxi McCoy’, Sandy Sweet as Candy’ and ‘Bella My Baby’. These showcase the rock side of Rhett’s talent andwill certainly get you leaning towards that air guitar. On the flip side, tracks like ‘Elixir of the Gods’ and ‘Symphony of Sorrow’ expresses his deeper side, with great strong vocals, sure to change your mood instantly.

The final track of the album ends with ‘When we make Love’. Just when you think Rhett is done with his broad range of style, he throws in another surprise with a jazz track. This offers the perfect way to chill and finishes the album off nicely.

‘Creatures of the Night’ is now distributed through Musik and Film Records via the Orchard/Sony label and available in iTunes, Amazon and all good online music stores.

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