Gold Eagles Express Announces A New Debt Collection Platform, Turning Debt Collectors Into Friends.

LAS VEGAS, NV – 9/8/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Bounce Back Rewards™ is a debt collection tool for software developers to help clients collect money from bad debts. It is crafted in such a way to provide software developers the opportunity to bring their own customer base, to develop a new one and connect with others.

“Bounce Back Rewards™ makes things really simple and fast” said Dorian Reed, CEO of Gold Eagle Express Inc., Reed further stated:

” This idea of a platform that serves software developers in debt collection industry started from our needs, actually. Seeing how debt collection works and the benefits IT could bring to it, we just did it. We are signing up a new partnerships now with software developers who are excited because we know their work will get easier and quickly done.”

Bounce Back Rewards™ is a new cutting edge incentive program design to increase money collections at the call center level by offering valuable, discounted Credit Repair certificates to help debtors in their strong desires for credit recovery.

Gold Eagle Express is a company with a great experience in IT and even more in debt collection activities.

Software developers can profit off this platform by signing up in the pre-launch stage and get appealing jump-start.

Chris Campbell CEO of Simple Collect Software said, “It’s a really good feeling to be a partner and be treated like one. You get awarded for your work, you can award your employees and you can help your software clients collect more money, it’s great.

At the end of the day, you don’t have a hole in your pocket, but actually you can win more. That’s important.”

Becoming partners on the Bounce Back Rewards™ means two streams of income by getting a front-end platform fees + renewals each month. In addition partners receive revenue on each certificate redeemed by the debtor.

In the pre-launch, partners get a brand-new incentive offering on an exclusive industry basis.

Through Bounce Back Rewards™ platform not only software developers win; their employees and clients are rewarded for collecting and paying their debt.

“During prelaunch only software developers will have access to the platform” Reed said.

The Official Launch date will be 1st of October.

The say’s the Pre-Launch Enrolling Process is still open for software developers.

Software vendors can enroll on the Bounce Back Rewards™ platform and secure the benefits of first-timers.

About Bounce Back Rewards™

Bounce Back Rewards™ is a service product of Gold Eagle Express Inc. a sales, marketing and technology company. For more information contact: or visit the companies website at:

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