Tinku Tasks just recently launched a new micro jobs website: tinkutasks.com. This micro jobs website is a freelance marketplace where freelancers from all around the globe get a platform to present their skills to potential buyers and earn money. Tinkytasks.com serves mainly as a platform and a mediator between buyers looking for quality services and professional freelancers who deliver not only on quality but also on time.

“We at Tinku Tasks are dedicated to ensuring that more people get the chance to enter and participate in the thriving digital economy. We created this platform to connect the buyer with the seller with the most favorable conditions on a smooth platform,” said Bilal Tariq, spokesperson forTinku Tasks.

“Our aim is to help talented people leverage their talents and skills to earn sustainable and scalable income right from the comfort of their homes. It is pertinent to note that even though there are quite a number of micro jobs websites already, we at Tinku Tasks have identified some gaps in the market and our platform was carefully tailored to serve our users better than any other platform. However, we are committed always to identify areas of improvement and take advantage of feedbacks from our users.”

The website was received quite enthusiastically by the freelance community during its initial release, and further modifications are planned based on their feedback. The developers want to make this website a safe and secure place for freelancers where their earnings are maximized, payments are guaranteed, and disputes are quickly resolved.


Tinkutasks.com is a new micro jobs website that connects freelancers to employers developed and managed by Tinku Tasks. For more information, please go to http://tinkutasks.com/

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