Blood Group Antibodies Are Supplied by Creative Diagnostics for Research Community

“Blood group antibodies are supplied by Creative Diagnostics.”
Creative Diagnostics provides Blood Group Antibodies for Research Community.

As a global leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, Creative Diagnostics continues to provide assistance for drug and diagnostic development with its newest products, blood group antibodies, which are available for researchers and scientists working in challenging research areas including biology, immunology, molecular biology, etc.

The red cells of an individual contain antigens on cell surfaces that correspond to their blood group. Antibodies in the serum that identify such antigen locate on the surfaces of red cells of another blood group. At present, 35 blood group systems representing over 300 antigens are listed by the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT).

The ABO system is the most important blood-group system in human-blood transfusion, since any person above the age of 6 months possess clinically significant anti-A and/or anti-B antibodies in their serum. Blood group A contains antibody against blood group B in serum and vice-versa, while blood group O contains no A/B antigen but both their antibodies in serum.

“The Rh system (Rh meaning Rhesus) is the second most significant blood-group system in human-blood transfusion, and the most significant Rh antigen is the D antigen. In addition to the ABO antigens and Rh antigens, many other antigens are expressed on the red blood cell surface membrane,” explained by Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics. “For example, an individual can be AB, D positive, and at the same time M and N positive (MNS system), K positive (Kell system), Lea or Leb negative (Lewis system), and so on, being positive or negative for each blood group system antigen.”

“Our newly released product combined with our capability & expertise in primary antibody technology support our customers’ development needs from early design. We’ll enhance our product offering and make antibodies accessible to researchers to help their discovery and development process.” said Dr. Randy S. Vaughn, senior researcher at Creative Diagnostics. 

Creative Diagnostics offers a collection of highly specific blood group antibodies to meet researchers requirements.

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Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, viral antigens, innovative diagnostic components and critical assay reagents. It also provides contract biologic R&D and manufacturing services to the diagnostic manufacturers along with GMP biologics manufacturing for the biopharmaceutical market. It aims to provide a trusted source for all researchers’ assay development and manufacturing needs.

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