Ray Zhang. The founder of Accost App: wants to make accost more easier!

Accost is a dating app which will be available for both Android and iOS soon. The developers are busy now fine-tuning the app to make dating easier and simpler.

Accost, a dating app that has been designed to make dating easier and simpler, is in its final phase of development. The founder of Accost: Ray Zhang is now busy promoting the location-based dating app through popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Ray recently told the press that they are planning to set afloat the online dating app in the app marketplace very soon. They maintained that the app will be available for both Android and iOS platform, though he did not reveal anything about developing third version for Windows platform.

“Accost is a lot different from other dating apps currently flooding the app marketplace. Not just because it would offer users to find their potential dates from our geo-specific database, they can also swipe left or right to find more potential dates nearby”, commented a chief developer from the China based app and web development firm.

“Though finding possible matches within a specific geographic region is especially easy with Accord, it can also connect users with people from all over the world. Like Jack’d, which is a gay dating app, this one is also a location based dating app. This simply means that users can easily browse nearby people and see their profiles before actually dating them. Also, users can chat with each other for free of cost since we have integrated a built-in instant messaging system in this dating app. They can also ‘superlike’ the people they like, which is a cool feature we think”, told the Ray.

Ray also added that Accost has a simple interface and it’s extremely easy to use. “One can just swipe left if he or she does not quite like the profile of the user appeared in search, or swipe right is they wish to strike a conversation”, added the Ray. According to him, there are two other exciting features, rewind, which helps the users to undo last swipe, and ‘superlike’.

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