Amp.I.Am A tiny DAC & Amplifier for the iPhone, iPad or iPod that makes music on any headphones sound amazing.

We all love listening to music on our smart devices, they hold thousands of songs and they are easy to use. But if you’ve listened to music through hi-fi audio equipment, you know that it is clearer, louder, richer-sounding music with a superior bass. But then going back to listening to music on a smart phone and it just nowhere near the sound.

That’s why Magtunes created Amp.i.Am; a small headphone amplifier for the iPhone, iPad or iPod that fits unnoticed into the coin pocket of your jeans and requires no battery. Now for the first time you can have HiFi audio sound on your portable smart i-devices

Amp.I.Am is the world’s first headphone amplifier that uses Apple’s official C68 Audio lightning adapter.  Weighing only 7 grams and designed to work with any headphones and it is ideal for listening to better sounding music on the go. Currently available in black or white, this new amplifier also possesses robust control features, allowing you to manage your listening experience without using your iPhone’s controls.

It is easy to setup Amp.i.Am. Just plug the MFi-Certified lightning connector into your iPhone, iPad or iPod then plug your headphone jack into Amp.i.Am. That’s it. That simple and now you can listen to music the way the artist intended.

A good quality amplifier can produce clean, beautiful sound at the same high volume.  This is the high-fidelity sound that Amp.i.Am provides.

Amp.i.Am is for everyone. It works with all headphones on the market. If you use expensive headphones, you’ll know that they need a more powerful amp to work well. The headphone output in mobiles simply doesn’t have enough clout, making it hard to hear your music in crowded or noisy places.

Luckily, Amp.i.Am has five times more power than the amp of an iPhone, enabling you to get the most out of those costly headphones. But what if, like most of us that use those standard white ear buds that come with our iPhones? You’ll be glad to know that Amp.i.Am improves sound quality on cheaper headphones as well and delivers a louder bass sound and less distortion.

Amp.i.Am a bit clearer and crisper sound on the go!

You can now get Amp.I.Am before anyone else and get one at a steep 50% discount through the Indiegogo campaign and get delivery in early December 2016.

To learn more about Amp.I.Am or to reserve your own, please visit

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