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8 Sep, 2016 – It is true that using pets as psychological or emotional support is one of the newest developments in the field of psychology. However, many apartments, condos and dormitories of colleges have a very strict “no pet allowed” policy. This has made it a major concern for people who rely on their pet animals to overcome their psychological or emotional disability.

This is why the website of Thedogtoronline has extended a helping hand to create awareness about the legal right people have to live with their pet in their homes in spite of the rules and policies framed by their homeowners. The site aims at spreading awareness about the Fair Housing Act that lets people who are suffering from any kind of psychological or emotional disability issues to have their pets in the premises which follow no pet policy. Interacting with pet animals is found to be effective in treating various types of symptoms related to physical, psychological or emotional disability.

When referring to the link at, one would be able to know that their teams have helped many people with psychological or emotional disability to be eligible to own the Emotional Support Animal. The only requirement that is required to have an ESA is to obtain a letter from a medical practitioner who is certified. The website of thedogtoronline has simplified the process by helping the pet owners obtain the ESA certificate online with a few clicks without leaving the comfort of their home.

To get an ESA certificate, visit the site of the dogtor online.

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The dedicated team of individuals at thedogtoronline makes sure that they help several individuals to have a peaceful and comfortable life each day by making sure that they have their pet for emotional and psychological support. They have lifted the no pet policy veil by creating the awareness about the prevalence of the Fair Housing Act, as they strongly feel that pets have healing abilities as they can help their owners stay free from anxiety, stress, mood swings and emotional disorders.

Many people have appreciated the noble deed performed by this site as most of the therapists and psychologists are not aware about the importance of Emotional Support Animal policy. Also, many therapy centers and offices don’t have enough set up to verify patient details and cater to the needs of every ESA owner. When they click on the site link at, they will be able to know the complete details about obtaining the ESA certificate. The ESA owners have to take up a small test to pass the verification. Then the site asks the opinion of a certified medical practitioner, who would then prescribe that the support of an ESA is imperative for the patient.

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The site of thedogtoronline is a favorite choice of many ESA owners as they have helped thousands of individuals to obtain an ESA certificate and own their pets in their own residences that have no pet policy, by spreading the awareness about the Fair Housing Act.

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