Cloudnine Realtime Announces Customized Offers on Cloud Solutions

Known for offering cloud solutions at great pricing, Cloudnine Realtime, also branded as Cloud9, is now offering a whole range of discounts in a customized manner for its clients and prospective partners. The company honchos spent a long session with the local press at their office to discuss some of their services.

Cloudnine Realtime, based in US, has been focusing on making cloud solutions effective for businesses worldwide. Apart from amalgamating such solutions with remote teams and hosted services, the company has been contributing immensely in creating the perfectly synchronized real-time environment for its clients. Their recent press meet was to discuss their packages and offers for quickbooks desktop, hosted exchange and other services, and the top managers answered a lot of questions for the media.

The marketing head of the company started by talking of the limitless possibilities that clients can achieve with their cloud solutions, adding that the team has worked extensively in enhancing the support and assistance. He then announced some amazing offers on virtual server and other packages, adding that clients can now special offers on email and call for the next fifteen days. He added that customers can call their support and ask for a discount, and depending on the needs of the business, a unique offer will be made. He also assured that there are surprises for most new clients, and they also intend to extend their offers to existing customers too who are looking to use other services.

The operational and sales team also took a few questions about lacerte, adding that the company is more interested in serving as the perfect spot for such services, instead of being just a service provider. On being asked about the further plans, the publicity manager added that the company is already arranging for many events in varied states and locations, and customers can check them on their website.

No wonder the company is looking to expand its base and help more customers, and surely they are in the right direction.

About Cloudnine Realtime

Cloudnine Realtime is a known company offering cloud solutions to clients globally. The company is known for offering whole range of services, including VPS and consulting services. Their work mainly extends to empowering the IT sector, mainly dealing with professional needs of modern businesses looking for real-time solutions. Apart from their services, they also offer extended assistance for all their IT cloud services.

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