The Only Way a Business Will Win in the Most Saturated Economy in History

These incredibly powerful words come from Louis Dharma, one of the world’s most insightful business growth strategists. Referred to as the “Einstein of business growth” Louis is the author of the upcoming book “Your Unbeatable Business”, which guides businesses on how to achieve exponential growth even in the most saturated time in history.

The internet has provided anyone with a laptop the ability to build a business and compete with the biggest companies in the world. S&P 500’s are being over thrown by garage dwelling start-ups, which means every company is at risk. The average lifespan of a S&P company has shrunk from 61 years to 18 years and it is being reduced at a rapid rate.

The average person receives over 6000 commercial or advertising messages every day and the latest studies show that the attention span for the average person is now 8 seconds; the attention span of a gold fish is 9.

“It’s getting harder every day to compete,” says Louis Dharma. “In today’s hyper competitive environment human attention has now become the scarcest resource available to a business.”

Most companies rely on playing “Simon says” as their competitive strategy; which in the long run is a recipe for disaster. The market is increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed with the overabundant choices presented to them. Companies must make it as easy as possible for them to choose. The answer is to differentiate.

In an over saturated market of generic lookalikes, differentiating is most effective way to help a consumer decide, while at the same time positioning the company as the clear choice.

By differentiating from the rest, Louis Dharma guides businesses to charge higher prices while at the same time increase sales volume; resulting in higher profit margins and more customers. “85% of consumers choose the cheapest option because they have not been given a valid reason to choose the higher priced company,” Louis says. “Give them a unique differentiated reason to buy and 85% of the time the higher prices won’t matter”.

Imagine a market filled with 30 competitors who are selling essentially the same product or service. A customer will be overwhelmed with the variety of lookalike companies; and what often happens is that they give up and choose the cheapest option.

When a company is unique, the consumer isn’t deciding between 30 companies anymore; they are deciding between them and the rest. In the mind of the consumer when they see a differentiated company their choice has only 2 variables now instead of 30, giving the differentiated company the edge. The company has automatically gone from being a 1 in 30 chance of attracting a client to a 1 in 2.

Louis Dharma is on his way to create a Billion dollars’ worth of business growth in multiple industries and loves to share his deep and eclectic tapestry of knowledge with as many businesses as he can.  His no nonsense, high impact strategies cut through the confusion of business growth and provides clear and actionable pathways that lead to results.

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