EDINA, MN – 9/9/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — In the banking industry, what could be better than free? How about free and independent. The announcement of a new program by Kelly Coughlin, CPA and CEO of BankBosun, is going to significantly change the industry landscape.

The new program will aim to assist community banks improve and enhance their municipal bond portfolio and regulatory risk management activities.

“Banks need muni bond pre-trade and post-trade portfolio monitoring analytics assistance from a source other than from the brokers selling them the bonds,” Coughlin said. “We have figured out a way to provide this so it costs our clients nothing. Most brokers provide it now at no charge to banks, but there are inherent conflicts that arise with that model.”

Mr. Coughlin, the creator of this model, is a well-known banking professional with over 20 years in the industry. He is a CPA and the CEO of BankBosun, a management consulting firm for community banks. Coughlin also serves as an independent consultant with Equias Alliance. Over the years, Mr. Coughlin has accumulated an impressive CV; former CPA with PWC, Director of Risk Management with a British bank, and founder/CEO of a financial technology company.

These days, Coughlin spends a great deal of time meeting with bank boards and presenting at bank conferences around the project.

“Everybody wins with our approach,” Coughlin said. “Brokers have better-informed bank customers, community banks have an independent source of muni bond pre-trade and post-trade portfolio reporting analytics, and banks can cut down on some research costs if they are paying for it now or they can continue getting it for free, but from a source independent from the broker selling them the asset.

Not all banks meet the criteria and profile to join the program. Banks need a certain type of financial asset allocation profile especially related to municipal bonds and bank owned life insurance (BOLI).  The reason the company focuses on munis and BOLI is both asset types offer tax-advantaged solutions for banks, and both are asset classes that compete for market share in a bank’s balance sheet. The company will be privately inviting banks who fit the profile to join the program.

Also, interested bank CEOs or CFOs can contact Coughlin directly at

BankBosun is a portfolio and regulatory risk management consulting firm, operating exclusively in the community banking ecosystem. BankBosun produces the syndicated podcast, “, helping community banks navigate risk and discover reward. Kelly Coughlin, CPA is the program host.

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