Harald Seiz: Olympics and Gold Medals

STUTTGART, GERMANY – 9/9/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — There are few spectacles in sport that can compare with the Olympics. The 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil have brought together great athletes from all around the world. The Olympic gold medal is an accomplishment that can last a lifetime.

“History of Olympics”

Originally, the Olympics were started in Olympia, Greece to unite the disparate nation-states. It was a way for people to share their love of sport. These Greek Olympics ran from 776 B.C. to 393 A.D. Medals were awarded for the following – 1st (Gold), 2nd (Silver) and 3rd (Bronze). The modern Olympics has a decidedly French touch to it with the Comite International Olympique being organized by Frenchmen Pierre de Coubertin on 23 June 1894 with Greek Demetrios Vikelas. The first official modern Olympics was held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. The second Olympics was held in Paris, France.

“Content of Gold Medals”

Gold has always been the standard for excellence in every human endeavor. Its beauty, lustre and durability has led many men to risk their lives in search for “Cities of Gold.” The Wizard of Oz encouraged everyone to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” Athletes winning gold medals have an instant prestige. They also have a valuable gold medal, which could be melted down during tough times. Are these gold medals, solid gold? Originally, the Olympic medals were solid gold. Before 1912, the medals were 99% gold (gold is so soft, that nothing is ever really 100% gold, the top fineness is .99999 bullion). Due to World War I, less precious metals were used. In fact, the gold medals handed out at Rio in 2016 are about 1.34% pure gold. The rest is recycled sterling silver. Do they have tangible value still? Yes.

“Gold Branding”

No matter what the percentage is, gold remains a powerful branding technique for the Olympics. Combine 3,000 years of human athletic prowess and the precious metal and you have a winning tradition. Athletes invest time and energy into strengthening their bodies; wise individuals invest in gold to protect their wealth.If you share the commitment to longevity, excellence and prestige of these gold-winning Olympic athletes, then you can invest in my gold Karatbars. My name is Harald Seiz and I empower my clients to control their destiny. Olympic fame and my gold Karatbars are imperishable. Join the immortal with gold Karabars!

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