EAR Defense Plans to Increase the Production Capacity of their High Fidelity Earplug

“EAR Defense high fidelity earplugs”
EAR Defense is all set to increase the production capacity of their popular hearing protection earplugs. The decision has been taken by the company as a result of the steadily increasing demand for this product at Amazon.com

EAR Defense has recently expressed their intention to increase the manufacturing capacity of their noise protection earplugs. It is relevant to mention here that the demand for this product has increased significantly over the last few months. By increasing the production capacity, EAR Defense is looking to ensure easy availability of product in the near future. The premium quality earplugs from EAR Defense have already proven to be a lifesaver for anyone that regularly deals with high intensity noise. These protective earphones can be purchased at Amazon.com for $26.95.

EAR Defense has designed their earphones with care to deliver a product that stands out from the mediocre earplugs available on the market. Made from soft silicone, these earplugs are comfortable, non-allergenic, and can be used for longer durations without any discomfort. Each pack of the product contains two sets of reusable earplugs equipped with attenuation filters that reduce the sound volume without muffling. The earphones feature a triple flange design that ensures a perfect fit for users with different sizes of ear canals. The product’s large pool of satisfied users includes musicians, drummers, bikers, factory workers, shooters, travellers, and many others.

A recent user mentions in her Amazon review, “My husband and I are avid concert goers. I have used these ear plugs on four different concert occasions and I must say these are the best ear plugs I have ever used. They are comfortable in my ear and provide protection for my ears without diminishing the quality of the music. You have two choices of sound filtering ear plugs depending on the type of concert you are enjoying. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves listening to live music but also loves their hearing health!”

Discussing the need for increasing the production capacity of the product, a senior EAR Defense official stated, “Looking at the increasing demand for the product, this step was inevitable. Starting from September, we have decided to increase the production capacity by over 30%. This increased volume will help us maintain our stock in spite of high demand.”

To find out more about EAR Defense High Fidelity Earplugs, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Musicians-Motorcycle-Drummers-Festivals-Protection/dp/B013H8FUVA?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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Ear Defense is a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic devices that are designed to protect the human ear and hearing. The company’s flagship product Ear Defense Ear Plugs are now selling successfully at Amazon.com:

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