3D Epoxy Floors From Red Rhino Flooring Opens The Doors For Freedom Of Creative Design Approach

09.09.2016 – During the recent press conference held at the prominent 5 star hotel in the city, the spokesperson for Red Rhino Flooring announced that they were happy to announce that they now offer 3D epoxy flooring services, much to the delight of the homeowners. Gone are those days that had epoxy floors as the best choice for garage flooring.

These days, epoxy flooring has become the favorite choice of all homeowners and architects, as it can transform the way a home, restaurant or a commercial premises looks while improving its aesthetic value. The epoxy compound is known for its reliability and is a versatile option that makes this type of flooring a durable choice. Architects prefer to use epoxy to overcome the challenges prevailing during renovations with uneven floors, as it offers the freedom to try several creative ideas and can fit well within the budget of the project. Generally, epoxy compounds can even all kinds of surfaces and can create seamless floors. It has splendid color palettes and finishing blends to enable the designers create any effect or to perceive the elements of the premises. However, this epoxy flooring has gone to great new heights by bringing 3D effect to the floors to create a beautiful underwater effect, tropical scenery and many other images to the floors of residences and commercial areas.

Those who wish to opt for 3D epoxy flooring can visit the site of http://redrhinoflooring.com to have their premises flaunt a spectacular floor design filled with images like corals, fish, plants, pebbles, animals, sea sand, ocean water, flowers, plants and so on. The 3D flooring of epoxy can help one show off their adventurous and fashionable side with mind blowing designs that have made it a better choice than rubber floors, tiled, wooden or laminated floors. This type of creative flooring is incorporated by developing many translucent layers that have angled images to offer the desired 3D effect. This way, the floors will have a popping up effect when people walk into the room. Bathrooms will look vibrant with oceanic or coral reef studded floors as the images are printed using a special photo printer and is custom made to blend well with the pattern and size of the floor area. This makes the epoxy floor a great choice for small or big rooms with a irregular shape.

According to the site of Red Rhino, they are well known as the best flooring contractor and can create kitchen floors with a wild tropical touch with skyline and palm trees on cupboards. They are experts who are highly aware of the trending 3D floor designs to offer an edgy look to the homes and corporate offices. They can also give some cool ideas regarding garage epoxy in terms of the overall look, detail and color.

About Red Rhino Flooring: Red Rhino Flooring is a well known installer and supplier of epoxy coating who have been in business since the year 2005. They have now added 3D epoxy flooring to their range of services. 

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