A Workplace and a Culture that Must Go Viral, the WittyFeed Way

Indore, India – September 9, 2016 – Imagine attending a recruitment interview and being asked to display a creative talent like singing or dancing as a mandatory task. The journey of a WittyFeed employee begins with letting go of inhibitions and formalities join a place where everyone is family.  The Indore-based start-up is the second biggest viral content company in the world, and the biggest chunk of credit goes to this crazy yet caring culture of self-expression and exploration, two attributes that it lives up to every day.

“You are my most valued possession. You are an indispensable part of our family,” noted a recent communication from the founders of Vatsana Technologies which runs the WittyFeed brand. The sprawling, sexy office at Indore has recently celebrated achieving landmark traffic figures of 60 million unique visitors and 250 million page views per month. Other than the creative hiring process and bonds of family, there are many ways that have made WittyFeed stand apart from competition within a year of its inception.

WittyFeed has consciously eschewed all hierarchy based norms to create the best workplace, and the usual ‘sir’ or ‘madam’ is never to be heard on the floor. On the contrary, working and being around the co-founders is a liberating experience. It also breeds transparency, which means such things as revenue, tax or salaries are never hidden. The cafeteria is where the most chilling happens, and skipping lunch is a sin that quickly begets a penalty. This fresh approach to working comes with a youthful team, with the oldest member not over 29.

“99.99% isn’t 100%,” is what the founders say they have learnt from their team of over 90 members. While they focus on team building, it is the employees who have made the great product that is taking WittyFeed to places. At work, there is a ‘war’ to keep upping the traffic, but no completion. Another marvelous practice allows anyone to join any team of their choice. An ops executive could thus join sales or vice versa. Beyond work, there is sport, fun and partying, especially on Fridays. Joining WittyFeed has taken many into a sort of stardom, where they could explore acting in short movies or singing.

A day at WittyFeed isn’t, therefore, a working day as usual. This unexpected, full of surprises, and the best work culture lies behind its rise from failure and into the world stage of viral content marketing. The blogging and viral content firm, the ‘YouTube of content industry’, wants to be known as the decider of what is viral and not. The office culture will play an instrumental role in growing to such standards.

“You can be whatever you want, without the fear of being judged,” is how the founders put it. “You can quit your company, but you cannot quit your family,” adds a team member, which shows just the values that WittyFeed has embraced to achieve yet another milestone.

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