Harrington Hoists Releases World\’s Smallest Half-Ton Hand Chain Hoist

Houston, TX – 9 Sept, 2016 – Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc. is one of the biggest suppliers and sellers of wire rope, lifting and hoist apparatus equipment both locally and globally to the energy and infrastructure industries.

Delta Rigging Offers the New CX005 Mini Hand Chain Hoist by Harrington Hoists

Delta Rigging & Tools announces their hoist equipment partner, Harrington Hoists, has introduced a revolutionary new hoisting tool called the CX005 Mini Hand Chain Hoist.  The CX005 Mini Hoist has a rated capacity of one-half ton and is the second model in their line of smallest and most lightweight hand chain hoists in the world.  It’s available with 10 or 20 foot of lift and is offered via Delta Rigging & Tools.

Harrington Hoists’ CX005 Mini Hand Chain Hoist offers many unique benefits due its compact and lightweight aluminum & steel frame body with which provides superior lifting strength.  A load limiter prevents the hoist from being used to lift damaging loads beyond rated capacity plus its metal chain guide allows for a smooth operation. 

See Harrington Hoists’ CX005 Mini Hand Chain Hoist specifications & applications at Delta Rigging & Tools.

Delta Rigging Offers a Newly Expanded Product Catalog for Tuffy

Tuffy hand chain hoists are the right hoist for easy operation and have a compact design with capacities ranging from 3/4 ton to 9 tons which are perfect for their clients’ specific application.

Delta Rigging & Tools offers the latest products from Tuffy with the newly expanded product catalog which contains products like Synthetic Web Slings, Tie Downs & Assemblies, Hardwar, Pipeline Slings and Tuffy Hoists. 

About Delta Rigging & Tools

Founded in December, 2004, Delta Rigging & Tools continues to grow rapidly through a combination of acquisitions and Greenfield start-ups.  Delta Rigging & Tools focuses on providing its customers with the highest possible levels of Safety, Service, Quality and Value.  

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