Excelite Swimming Pool Enclosure Passed the 3 Feet Snow Testing

Excelite polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure has passed the 3 feet snow testing, surpassing the EN and ASTM standards. The testing procedure focused on evaluating all forces that push pool enclosure cover against the frame. These possible forces were evaluated based on the direction of force (perpendicular) and magnitude.

“All our customers and partners in snow prone areas such as Alberta, Canada and South Florida known for high velocity hurricane zone can confidently install our pool enclosures,” said Sunny, Excelite Marketing Manager. “We reinforce every Excelite pool enclosure to withstand high wind speeds of 230 km/hr. and heavy snow loads of 900kg per 1.5m radius. I can assure all our esteemed customers that these pool enclosures are safe and strong.”

During the 3 feet snow test, Excelite technical team evaluated a number of factors. This mainly focused on optimizing the pool enclosure to withstand different snow loads and high wind speed. Key areas of concerned included:

• Evaluating wind speed, snow pressure and natural calamities based on geographical locations. This was also with regard to historical weather and climate trend considering factors such as hurricane, tornado, etc.

• Determining relative deformation of both extruded aluminum and solid polycarbonate sheet.

• Testing maximum possible deformation on the swimming pool enclosure in case of snow and strong wind.

• Analyzing frame maximum stress and magnitude of torsion forces.

This was the first time Excelite introduced a comprehensive test to meet the dynamic demands of its customers in different regions. Of course, it was also alongside other impact resistance tests that the company has used over the years such as:

• Small missiles test using steel ball bearing

• Large missile tests using a 2X4 propelled at 38 mph.

A complete PDF document pertaining to the Excelite swimming pool enclosure 3 feed snow testing procedure is available on the company’s official website.

“Excelite swimming pool enclosure snow load, hail, rain and wind rating is unmatched as they exceed the 100 or 500 kg per meter square, commonly experienced in hurricane or tornado prone areas,” said Angela Yang, Excelite General Manager. “For us, your safety and comfort is 100% guaranteed a reason we design our pool enclosures to last for more than 25 years.”

About Excelite Plastics Ltd.

Excelite Plastic Ltd. is a premier manufacturer polycarbonate products. These include: polycarbonate hollow sheets, solid sheets, corrugated sheets, embossed/tinted sheets, films, profiles and accessories. It is also the main supplier of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures.

The company follows a strict manufacturing criteria that conforms to ISO 9001:2008, CE and ASTM standards.

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