Benjamin Higbee is Approaching Completion of His Celebrated Zodiac Poster Series

As a prominent artist in the field of mixed media, Benjamin Higbee has created some truly memorable nature-inspired imagery.  He has recently expanded on his traditional tableaus by developing his Zodiac Poster Series. These stunningly inventive and beautiful posters use a complex creative process that involves both hand drawn and digital design. The resulting images are amazingly rich in detail and visual impact.  The Zodiac posters will remain masterpieces for generations to come.

Inspired by Plato’s “Great Year”, the Zodiac posters follow the astronomical sequence which spans 25,920 years.  Each image is Higbee’s visual ode to each sign within this archaeoastronomical procession. Higbee uses the zodiacal sign as the focus of each poster but embroiders it with a lush, almost mystical setting that adds an indelible beauty.  His ongoing commitment to creating truly new and creative masterworks is magnificently realized in each image.

Having completed six of the eventual twelve posters, Higbee plans to complete his project by March of 2017.  In an effort to expedite his work, Higbee has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and is inviting you to join him in making art history.  If you support this campaign, you can get valuable perks like a contributor credit, a signed 9”x 12” Zodiac Poster, 12” x 18” signed Archival Print, Zodiac 2017 Calendar, full set of 8” x 12” Archival Prints, or 36” x 54” Archival Print, Collectible Zodiac 2017 Calendar, full set of 12” x 18” Archival Prints, full set of 18” x 27” Archival Prints full set of 27” x 42” Archival Prints, full set of 24” x 36” Archival Prints, 27” x 42” x 2” original hand painted canvas, or 40” x 63” x 2” original hand painted canvas. To learn more about the Zodiac Poster Series or to make a donation, please visit

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Company Name: SOZODIAC
Contact Person: Benjamin Higbee
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
Country: United States