Hey Flash, Time to Say Goodbye!

It’s official and it’s unavoidable. Google will eventually cancel all Chrome support for Adobe’s Flash by the end of this year. In addition, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla, will no longer treat Flash as a welcome guest on their web browsers. So, the good old Flash has to pack its bags and hit the road by the end of 2016. Why?

MIAMI, FL – 9/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — WebProof continues with its mission of support and advising for graphic and design industry professionals with the latest awareness campaign.

“By the end of 2016, Google Chrome will end up its support for Adobe Flash completely. Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla are to follow. We are surprised that this important change doesn’t get the right kind of attention among companies and professionals in the industry,” explains Jakob Adeltoft, the CEO and Co-founder of WebProof, the motivation behind this genuine awareness campaign.

With a series of publications, presentations, and social media activities, WebProof help companies and professionals go through this critical transition period in a simpler and painless way. Jakob Adeltoft, who coined this warning term “Adobegeddon,” doesn’t think this is an exaggeration:

“I strongly believe that Adobegeddon should have at least the same level of media coverage and awareness as Mobilegeddon. Every major change in the IT world, which can influence numerous users on a global scale, should be emphasized accordingly. After the initial warning, we at WebProof have a feeling that Adobe Flash users are left on their own.”

WebProof aims to profile itself as a Flash-free solution. The latest development in the industry contributes strongly to their decision to be less Flash dependent. This is something Jakob Adeltoft would recommend to all graphic and design professionals:

“If these wake-up calls aren’t enough, then the inability to use annotation tools because they are Flash-based will definitely make people think seriously about this problem. As far as our users are concerned, they have nothing to worry about. WebProof annotation tools are Flash-free. They can continue to use them in 2017, with no fear that at some point they will have to look for other less convenient alternatives.”

Detailed explanations and solutions for this Flash-related problem can be found at WebProof’s website goo.gl/ksXTEW

WebProof Company:
The American office is located in Miami, Florida, where Jakob Adeltoft, CEO, North America, while Jan Adeltoft, Managing Director, Europe located in Copenhagen, Denmark manages the European market. (2 minutes video, remove emails, WebProof, goo.gl/3mQ9pm9 )

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Jan Adeltoft, Managing Director at WebProof, by telephone: +45 46 32 68 68 or by email: ja@webproof.com

WebProof was founded in 2000 by Jan Adeltoft and Jakob Vedel Adeltoft. The software simplifies graphic production and facilitates better integration of companies and advertising agencies. WebProof assists smaller and larger companies as LEGO, Audi, Bang & Olufsen, Bauhaus, COOP and ICA to improve their graphic production processes and reduce administrative work, based on LEAN. The 50,000 users come from over 100 countries and together approve over 5 million pages per year. In 2015, Red Herring appointed WebProof as one of the 100 most promising European startups, as a testimonial to its great potential. WebProof is also one of the Gazelle-businesses.

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