NanoBubble H2 Water – “Best Healthy Antioxidant Water” by Lopetegui Corp, Restaurant Concessionaire at Miami City Police HQ

“The Miracle of One Cup of Water” is Now Being Served to Miami P.D.’s Finest

Hollywood, Fla., September 12, 2016  — NanoBubble USA’s, “Fountain of Youth” Hydrogen NanoBubble H2 Water is selected as the “Best Healthy Antioxidant Water” by Lopetegui Corp, the restaurant concessionaire located in the Miami City Police Headquarters. Chef Hector Lopetegui, Navy Veteran, Le Cordon Bleu Graduate creates new healthy antioxidant meal concepts using NanoBubble H2 Water, as part of the Department’s new “360 Initiative,” to promote Health & Wellness of the employees, with the Grand Opening of the New Fitness Center on Sept. 14th, 2016.

NanoBubble USA is proud that NanoBubble H2 Water was selected as “Best Healthy Antioxidant Water.”  Chef Hector , a Gulf War Navy Veteran understands the stress and rigors faced daily by the officers and employees of the Miami City Police Department, and for that purpose, he has promised to provide the best in healthy meals, products and water to the customers he serves. Chef Hector’s decision was based on a review of the antioxidant effects and benefits of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) water and the H2 nano-bubble water’s utility in cooking, a boiling point of 104 degrees centigrade and H2 nano-bubbles stable to 135 degrees centigrade. The final selection was reviewed by Marlon Skinner, Fitness Center Specialist and Major Lazaro Ferro, Fitness & Training Officer of the Department. 

Hydrogen NanoBubble H2 Water, “It’s Not Just Water.” using patented NanoBubble technology that infuses molecular hydrogen H2, a potent antioxidant, into 200+ million nano-bubbles per mL provides optimum anti-oxidation that can be delivered intra-cellular throughout the body. For centuries in South Korea, this mineral water was known as “the Miracle of One Cup of Water,” and now since 2007, researchers continue to investigate the benefits of molecular hydrogen. With over 350 articles and studies, one common thread appears; molecular hydrogen has potent free-radical scavenging properties especially against the cytotoxic hydroxyl radical that is known to cause oxidative-stress, diseases, cancer, and aging. It’s no wonder that it’s considered South Korea’s “Fountain of Youth.”

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NanoBubble USA is an importer and distributor of Hydrogen NanoBubble H2 Water in the Americas and other parts of the world and is responsible for increasing the awareness and consumption of technologically advanced molecular hydrogen drinking water using nano-bubble infusion technology. Our mission is to spread the word about the potential benefits of drinking NanoBubble H2 Water for anti-aging, weight control, metabolic disease, traumatic brain injury, exercise performance & recovery, oxidative-stress, anti-inflammation and more. NanoBubble H2 Water is an FDA Registered infused drinking water and ISO 22000 certified safe drinking water. For more information visit:

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