Seven billion drops makes an ocean of change

Green film aims to change the world – with your help.

We all know that the one thing we truly share is the planet we call home – the blue/green world that gives us life and sustains us. We also know that we’ve been steadily disrupting the delicate natural balances we depend on for breathable air, drinkable water and healthy food. Though we can argue about the reasons for this we can surely now agree that it’s time to change our ways.

Cue: the most positive environmental documentary ever – a call to action for every single one of us.

Rather than wait for political miracles or magic tech fixes, the team behind the Australian film A Drop In The Ocean have been busy on the ground building networks and creating genuine momentum for decisive environmental action.

“We realised the real engine for change lay in the hands of everyday people everywhere,” says Executive Producer Tim Langdon. “Individual choices can make a massive global impact. What we buy, what we throw away, the friends we talk to; all these are like drops in an ocean, part of a huge game change in the way we do things.”

Langdon and his team have already spent two years building an online community and securing both corporate and NGO support for their documentary but now it’s time for everyone else to join in.

A Drop In The Ocean will officially launch its first crowd funding campaign on September 9 2016. “This is a pivotal moment for us,” declares the film’s writer/director, Paul Ransom. “This is where we take our grassroots green movement to the world. If everyday people make up 70% of the economy and 99.9% of the population, imagine the power that we all have together. It’s literally the power to change the world.”

As Tim Langdon observes, “We already know that forward thinking companies and smart investors understand both the need for change and the enormous opportunity it represents; but until now the sleeping giant has been the rest of us. Our film is going to change that.”

A Drop In The Ocean examines the adverse effects of human activity on the seven seas. However, rather than dwelling on doom & gloom it focuses on practical, affordable, real life solutions that everyone can take part in. As Paul Ransom says, “Our goal is empower our audiences to say ‘yes, I’m in, we can do this’ and to understand that all of our little contributions will add up to something really big.”

This is why the producers have opted to use the IndieGoGo crowd funding platform. “It’s a perfect fit for A Drop In The Ocean,” notes Langdon. “Ordinary people giving a little to make a lot.”

A Drop In The Ocean will be filmed at locations around Australia using a novel ‘panel show’ format that will dissolve the usual barriers between green space experts, filmmakers and audiences. The producers aim to complete the film by the end of 2017.

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