The One Startup that intends to reduce by 75% Daily Commuters Congestion

Plug And Ride: Is a disrupting and improving three industries (Transportation Cost, Air Pollution Reduction and Daily Commuters Lost Productivity).

By Plug & Ride Media Relations

San Francisco, CA – Plug & Ride, a San Francisco-based startup, announced today that they have reached key milestones during their private beta launch and debuts its enterprise service today.

Plug & Ride intends to change the world by focusing primarily on solving a major problem that impacts our daily life: reducing traffic congestion in the largest cities across the US and around the world.

Unlike other ridesharing startups who primarily compete with taxis and add congestion to our cities, Plug & Ride focuses on a underserved market consisting of 75% of professionals who drive alone to work every day. Plug & Ride offers a free service that matches passengers with drivers when commuting to work. This service is legal in all 50 states.

In their efforts to provide immediate relief to congestion in major metropolitan areas, Plug & Ride focuses on large employers with employees driving to work and back during peak hours. Any employer can start using their service immediately by simply encouraging their employees through their internal newsletters and websites to use the Plug & Ride app. Employees only have to create their commute itinerary for the next month and reach out to their co-workers and wider network to join their rides. Unlike any other ridesharing apps, no payments or other complex steps are required. The Plug & Ride website covers each step in details in their How It Works and FAQ sections here:

As of today, Plug & Ride has:

–          Attracted a large portion of their first 1 million early adopters

–          Launched in over 100 largest, global cities and metro areas

–          Exceeded top startup product launch growth

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and Ivy school alumni, with the backing of top industry experts from across the country (see About Us page on Plug & Ride’s website), Plug & Ride is the first Clean Tech Startup in Silicon Valley that focuses on matching supply and demand of drivers and passengers and thereby reducing traffic congestion. Plug & Ride basically converts four cars into one.  

Although its product roadmap is confidential, Plug and Ride intends to capture and change the entire experience of our daily commute which can break the most challenging side effect of the industrial era and makes it by far the most innovative startup that positively impacts our daily life. 

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