Creative Enzymes Has Made a Big Step on Sterol Esterase Product Line

September 12th, 2016, Creative Enzymes, occupying a significant position in industrial and academic fields, recently has made a big step on its sterol esterase products line, there are three kinds of products that have updated its original product line. They are native microorganism cholesterol esterase, native pseudomonas sp. cholesterol esterase and native schizophyllum commune cholesterol esterase. Before introducing them, firstly the knowledge of sterol esterase should be prepared.

Sterol esterase, in enzymology, is a kind of enzyme that can act as a catalyst on the following chemical reaction: steryl ester + H2O ↔sterol + fatty acid. According to this reaction, it is easy to figure out two products of sterol esterase are sterol and fatty acid. In enzymology, it is also called as Cholesterol Esterase, triterpenol esterase, cholesteryl ester hydrolase, Cholesterol, sterol ester hydrolase and cholesteryl ester synthase.

In Creative Enzymes, the newly-developed products are belonging to the family of gydrolases, especially those acting on carboxylic ester bonds. And they share a same systematic name, steryl-ester acylhydrolase. And they all participate in bile acid biosynthesis. And their appearances are light brown amprphouse powder and they are lyophilized. The optimum pH and temperature are respectively 6 and 40 Celsius. In addition, they are all suitable for enzymatic determination of total cholesterol when they are coupled with cholesterol oxidase in clinical analysis.

Although they share a lot of features, the only distinction of these products is that they belong to different species. Native microorganism cholesterol esterase is belonging to microorganism species, native pseudomonas sp. cholesterol esterase belongs to Pseudomonas sp., and native schizophyllum commune cholesterol esterase belongs to Schizophyllum commune.

“these three newly-added products in sterol esterase class from Creative Enzymes have been tested by our experienced scientists for its application in a wide range of applications. They all function well during the process of experiment and also increase the success rate of our researches. We do assure that these three types of products will be popular among researchers working in the field of enzyme.” said Dr. Joanna, a senior scientist in Creative Enzymes.

Occupying the main position among enzymes providers, Creative Enzymes will make a greater improvement in this field with these newly-developed products belonging to sterol esterase.

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