Solargen Announces Their Solar Leads Generation Services for Solar Dealers

Los Angeles, CA, USA – September 15, 2016 – Solargen, a robust client acquisition platform and a leading solar lead generation company in several states, is excited to announce the expansion of their operations across the entire country.

With the demand for alternative energy growing in leap and bounds, millions of homeowners are on the lookout for solar dealers whom they can trust to provide the highest standard of quality and customer service when it comes to the installation of their solar energy systems.

“This is exactly where Solargen comes in. With our unique performance marketing, we help solar dealers grow their business by providing not only verified, quality leads but actual appointments, connecting them with high-intent prospects.  When you consider the margins on equipment and installation and our relatively high conversion rates, the ROI for solar dealers is enormous,” said Isaac Kohno, Executive Director of Solargen.

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Recent reports demonstrate that the number one issue facing solar dealers today is a lack of access to a comprehensive list of qualified and ‘ready to buy’ prospects.  As a result, many dealers resort to inefficient and costly marketing solutions such as mailers and door-knocking.

“Traditional marketing like print ads and door-to-door still work, but they’re inefficient.  This is a numbers game, and lead generation services like ours can reach out to far more people than most other media and is much more cost effective,” Kohno said.

The benefits that a quality lead generation service can provide are continuous.  Massive exposure to potential clients, a low predictable customer acquisition cost, reduced marketing expenses, and the ability to focus manpower on other key areas all allow solar dealers to grow their businesses quickly and with low risk.

“At Solargen, we use a combination of potential lead sources to supply our clients with highly-qualified sales prospects.  All leads go through our proprietary qualification, verification, and ratings processes which guarantees that our clients receive high intent prospects,” Kohno, continued. 

About Solargen Inc

Solargen introduces homeowners to solar power providers. They assess the homeowner’s qualifications and interest level and forward the likeliest candidates to solar dealers and installers.

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