Kerstin Stilling Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Jazz/Pop Album Akleja

Kerstin Stilling is currently recording her latest jazz/pop album entitled Akleja.

Hailing from Sweden, Kerstin Stilling has long been renowned for her musical talents.  In 2007, she was named the Best Jazz Female Vocal at the Los Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood, California.

Before coming to America, Stilling was born and raised in Täby, Stockholm, Sweden.  By the age of 16, she was already writing songs.  She studied at Kulturama, The Royal Musical High school in Music Science, and finally at Skinnskattebergs Folk High school for Song.  

In 1995, she sang in a band called Rockslaget where they performed at famous venues such as Hasselbacken, Gamla Stans Bryggeri, and Stampen in Stockholm, among other places.  She toured with her band for two years honing her craft and perfecting her unique sound.

By 2004, she released her first independent album called Noisiness & Restlessness, distributed by FLC.  The singer stated, “For many years, I worked as a waitress and bartender (at) Daily News Café, Bern’s, Erik’s (in) Stockholm, Grand Hotel Marstrand. I enjoyed that time, but there was always something missing inside of me…I kept coming back to the music.”

Currently, Stilling is in the studio recording her 4th album entitled Akleja.  She hopes to release her first 300 copies in October 2016.   Stilling’s hauntingly beautiful sound resonates in well known songs such as God Bless America.  However, Stilling puts her own twist on this great American favorite with a jazz slant.  

You can hear a sample of her album at

If you are interested in supporting her in her endeavor, various levels of donations can be made.  Beginning at the $4 level (kr30 SEK), donators will receive a personally signed artist hotot of Kerstin Stilling.  The next level is at the $18 (kr150 SEK) amount that yields a personally signed copy of the Akleja album.  The top level guarantees a private concert in your home, apartment, birthday party, or private dinner.  For one hour, Kerstin Stilling will provide you with her majestic sound for a pledge of $1,174 (kr10,000 SEK).

The songstress describes her current journey, “Music is my mission, we all have different missions, all of us, and we can just try to do the best we can, and this is what I do.  You can listen to my former records on Spotify, and if you like it please welcome to join me on this trip.”

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $4 to $1,174, with rewards including everything from an autographed picture or album to a private concert.  

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Akleja:  

Akleja is the 4th album from singer/songwriter Kerstin Stilling, winner of the 2007 Best Jazz Female Vocal at the Los Angeles Music Awards in Hollywood, California.

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