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Zurich, Switzerland – Financial models are widely used for financial planning and decision-making purposes by entrepreneurs, executives, investors and banks. The applications of financial models are e.g. forecasting of cash flows and profits, breakeven analysis, analysing the financial feasibility of new investments via the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) analysis, payback analysis or DCF valuation. There are much more specific applications of financial spreadsheets dependent on the use case and industry.

Preparing a good financial model can be quite time-consuming and requires solid know- how about financial modeling and the industry. When starting from scratch, most likely somebody else has prepared a very similar model before. However, it can be very time-consuming to find a good spreadsheet template.

eFinancialModels addresses this problem and provides a marketplace via its website to share or sell financial model templates and valuation models. The site contains a search function by industry and use case to find the desired financial model quickly. The inventory of financial model templates – mostly Excel spreadsheets – covers a variety of industries such as Information Technology (IT), Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobile Apps, eCommerce,  Real Estate Development and Investment, Hospitality, Renewable Energy but also other industries such as Agriculture and Fish Farming. Use cases of financial modeling examples include financial plan template, DCF model, IRR analysis, breakeven analysis, payback period and many more applications.

The website of eFinancialModels is especially interesting to business users, as it provides easy access to know-how and industry expertise. eFinancialModels seeks to grow its inventory of financial model templates further and invites skilled financial modelers to use its marketplace and share or sell their financial model templates for the benefit of the website’s visitors.

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