Author Connects the Dots Between the Kings and the Prophets of the Old Testament to Reveal More of God’s Character

Enumclaw, WA — In a new release, The Singular Singularity of God (Redemption Press 2016), author Beverly Mader Wilson uncovers the relevance of the interactions between the books of Kings and Chronicles and the writings of biblical prophets. The author, a lifelong student of the Word, says this uninterrupted story line reveals aspects of God’s nature that can be missed without studying them as a correlated continuum.

This intensive Bible study combines the words of Old Testament prophets with the details of the life of each king of Israel and Judah, making the history of the Old Testament more understandable. It also provides a more perceptible picture of the nature of God, and clears up prevailing misconceptions of His true nature.

In the first section, Mader Wilson presents God’s ways of dealing with mankind. She says, “God has not changed, but His ways of speaking to people have changed over time, as clearly depicted, before, after, and during the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah.” The second section shows how Jeremiah revealed many additional aspects of God. The third section cites how the same aspects of God’s nature are further revealed in the New Testament and “are to be discovered as we grow in relationship with Him.”

The author says the storyline of what seems to be “ancient history” relates to what is taking place in our world today. “Noteworthy is the way Jesus fulfills all of the Old Testament dealings of God, and the way those dealings impact us today.”

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