Classic RPG Legend of the Nobles Brings the Age Old Fight of Good vs. Evil Back With a Vengeance

The “Legend of the Nobles” Kickstarter project is a video game project with a difference. The majority of the previous video game crowdfunding projects promote an idea or a working tech demo and looks for funding to create and complete the game. This is different because the game is actually finished and ready to go.

Even though the project is complete, the assets used are the standard graphics that comes with RPG Maker and the funding that is being raised is to hire a Professional Graphic Designer to completely overhaul the art in the game and the rewards allow for the characters in the game to be named and designed to the winners classification.

RPG Maker has been used to create an action, Role-Playing Game with a very classic feel. There are hours and hours of action and drama with many side missions that add twists and turns to the sprawling story of Good verses Evil. You will also come across several characters who will be willing to join the fight, bringing their own unique fighting style to the party.

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In the game, you take control of a hero who has lost his memory and is helping a town by performing small tasks when he is thrown into the middle of a fight to try and save people from being taken over while still trying to find out who he is and where he is from.

There are two large towns with a variety of different terrain to explore from a sprawling wood to a wandering desert. Every single AI character will have a purpose within the game as either part of a mission or a seller, there are absolutely no “useless” AI. There is a whole bunch of side missions that will give you a chance to learn about the characters, their families and the history of the region as well as providing new team members to fight alongside.

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Company Name: Legend of the Nobles
Contact Person: Michael Porter
Country: United Kingdom