Dressy2Go: Effortlessly Dry and Wrinkle-Free Clothes

New Jersey, US – On September 19th, 2016, Dressy2Go will launch a Kickstarter campaign for a miracle solution that will de-wrinkle and dry your clothes in 20 minutes or less! Forget about ironing or steaming, Dressy2Go will handle your outfit while you get ready to head out, even if it’s wet.

“Getting our outfits ready just before heading out was a consistent and endless problem. Every member of my family has been into situations where they had to give up wearing their preferred outfit just because it wasn’t ready,” the creator explains, “It’s also frustrating for my wife and I to keep going to the drycleaners once or twice a week. It’s even more annoying to iron or steam our outfits instead of attending to more important things.”

With Dressy2Go, you will get your clothes dried, de-wrinkled and ready to wear without any effort or additional costs. Simply set up the timer on Dressy2Go, and it will get your outfit ready while you attend to the things that matter most. ​Dampened clothes only take 15 minutes to dry and de-wrinkle. Wet clothes take 20 minutes.

Dressy2Go uses a patented process to de-wrinkle creased garments. It is based on a heating unit that pushes hot air into a garment-shaped form which then expands and straightens the fabric of your garment. The hot air goes through the form then permeates the damp garment and takes away the wrinkles. Dressy2Go’s unique process and safety features guarantee that your garment will never get burned, and neither will your hands.

Husband and wife cofounders Ahmad Tarek and Yosra Badr have worked hard to perfect the product. “After extensive testing, we believe we landed on a solution that will deliver the most value to its users. I kept testing it over and over and tweaking the design until I had a fully functional prototype that I was comfortable replicating, after making some visual modifications,” says the Tarek, “I can’t stop using Dressy2Go now, and I know you’re as eager to get it as I am!”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including Dressy2Go at discounted prices exclusive to Kickstarter backers.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here, the website here, or contact the creator below.  

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dressy2Go-512800742260092/

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