Join 72-Hour Campaign To End Racism on National Day of Encouragement

Augmented Publishing Group launches 72-hour GoFundMe campaign today, Monday, September 12, 2016, to raise money for the first book in a new series called, “#REALTalkRacism: Children Matter.” The first book will help teachers direct conversations with children about racism.
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President of Augmented Publishing Group, Lisa Williams, has just launched a 72-hour only GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a new book series called “#REALTalkRacism: Change Matters,” a collection of short-reads meant to spark conversation and empower all people to bridge the racial gaps that only serve to divide us. The first book in the series, “#REALTalkRacism: Children Matter,” will help teachers and parents direct conversations with children about racism.

Williams is hoping to raise $20,000 to begin publishing one of these books:

1. Chats with Children for Parents: How to Raise Socially Conscious Children Into Racially Unbiased Adults

2. Reading, Writing, Racism for Teachers: How to Encourage and Facilitate Tough Conversations Surrounding Race in a Classroom Environment

All books in the #REALTalkRacism: Children Matter series will help teachers and parents start conversations with kids about racism in America and help them process the prejudice they face and unsettling news they overhear. 100% of the retail royalties for the books will be donated to a charity working towards the same goal.

Says Williams: “racism is tough to deal with as an adult; for a child, these problems can be overwhelming.”

Fittingly, the campaign will launch today, Monday, September 12, 2016, America’s National Day of Encouragement. Williams’ book series is designed to encourage individuals to start meaningful conversations that will lead to understanding, accountability, and justice for all.

Working in tandem with Williams is Tamika Bridgewater. Both women are mothers who have a passion for seeing children succeed, and whose hearts have been heavily burdened by recent shootings and killings of black men and law enforcement.

“We want to counter the racist mindsets that have been passed down for generations, as well as address the effects of what children are overhearing from parents, siblings and peers, and help them process what they are seeing on the news,” says Williams.

For many adults, talking about racism to kids is taboo. Parents talk about bullying, and as they get older sex, but typically not prejudice or racism.

But as leading academic on racism in children, Alvin Poussaint, M.D points out: “We may have to conquer some hurdles of our own before we can discuss racism comfortably with our children. If we can face our own biases, and if we work to overcome them, we are less likely to pass them on to our children.” 

And the issue is even harder to broach for teachers. “I’m grateful that it’s summer… selfishly,” said a coworker of Philando Castile through a statement from St Paul Public Schools. “I don’t know how to talk to [students] about this, especially my little boys that look like Phil…how do I explain that to them?  How do I tell that to a six year old?”

Williams and Bridgewater aim to use crowdfunding to enact the social change needed. “All we are asking is for each person to make a $5 donation,” Williams says. “When enough people take a part, big things get accomplished.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul started with the simple idea that people could help each other by sharing stories about their lives. The “#REALTalkRacism: Change Matters” and “Children Matter” book series follows the same belief.  Each book in the series will feature different professionals: doctors, child specialists, mental health professionals, lawyers, race relations experts, community leaders, law enforcement professionals, and many others sharing strategies to conquer tough subjects as well as stories to encourage and shift mindsets.

To all influencers, media workers, corporations, and celebrities, Bridgewater says: “We are calling on your passion for the success of children and asking you to share our campaign with your circle of influence on social media today to encourage people to contribute.”

Williams is also hoping these influencers will consider underwriting one of the books in the series or purchase sponsorship packages that will enable free books to be given to schools, children, and families.

To contribute, visit:

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