Strassing: Stand Out With Sparkling Designer Bags and Shoes

Blinga Design creates world’s most exclusive shoes and handbags. We are specializing in a service known as “strassing” – the process of crystallizing designer shoes or a handbag with Swarovski crystals. We can redo any shoes or handbag into a custom one-of-a-kind work of art.

How does one become the belle of the ball amidst a sea of glamorously dressed guests on a glitzy night setting with posh interiors, fine dinnerware, and elaborate decorations? For one, a woman can come heavily dressed from head to toe. She can even don an audacious outfit to draw attention.

A woman who is invited to a luxurious party usually has a gown made instead of purchasing a ready-to-wear dress. She may go the extra mile in contracting the services of a top designer to create her gown. This ensures that she is wearing a unique stylish piece that perfectly fits her body as well as her personality. To cap off her glamorous look for the night, she slips on designer shoes and carries a lavish purse.

For most women, the centerpiece of an outfit is always the gown. It has to adhere to the dress code yet evoke something fresh. It has to be made of high quality material and crafted by the best artisans in town. As for their bags and shoes, they think that it is enough to use designer brand items whenever they are attending a posh event. They are confident that their luxurious bags and shoes are durable and fashionable.

Designer bags and shoes may seem to be just add-ons to complete a sensational outfit. But having the right bag and shoes can truly make an outfit stand out. The use of bags and shoes can be a strong fashion statement without having to be overt. Others opt to choose a bag that differs in material from the fabric of the gown. The shoes can also be mismatched with the color of the outfit in order to add a splash of a different hue. Sometimes, the bag and shoes are made to match for a classic effect while in other instances, the bag and shoes are contrasted to give off a contemporary vibe.

But has it ever occurred to women that they can go further with their styling by having their Chanel handbags, Christian Louboutin pumps, and Jimmy Choo shoes customized? It is very rare for women to customize their designer shoes and bags. They believe that their luxurious items can stand on their own because they are precious and costly. They take utmost care of their designer items and would not want them to be altered.

The new trend of “strassing,” however, has made women reconsider about personalizing their designer bags and shoes. Strassing involves crystallizing luxurious handbags and shoes with genuine Swarovski elements. only customizes high-end brands and uses no more than the finest Swarovski crystals as embellishments. This New York-based company has been serving clients from the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Clients can be assured that their crystallized Chanel handbags and Swarovski crystal shoes are handcrafted masterfully, bearing no spaces and misalignments among the 7,000 to 30,000 crystals on a medium-sized bag or pair of shoes. Fashion designer and stylist Inga Mikhasiuta, who is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, is at the helm of all the customization processes.

A potential client should first inform if she will be customizing a designer purse, handbag, boots, pumps, strappy shoes, peep-toe shoes, or stilettos. She will then decide if she wants a full crystallization or a partial adornment of the handle, flap, straps, or heels. After that, she will select from over 110 Swarovski colors and effects including Emerald, Sunflower, Greige, Crystal Red Magma, Jet Nut, Scarabaeus Green, Powder Grey, Vintage Rose, Light Siam, Tanzanite, Denim Blue, and Smoky Mauve. Once the quote has been approved and the item has been sent, clients will wait for two to three weeks before receiving their crystallized handbags or Swarovski crystal shoes

Having crystallized designer bags and shoes will surely give its owner the extra edge, making her a scintillating sight to behold in a party. So the next time that one needs to score a red carpet look, give custom crystallization a try for it will make an outfit sparkle — literally — and cause one to shine as the star of the night.

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