1ClickWP Software Helps Users Installing, Cloning and Backup WP Sites Faster And Easier

If you are in the habit of regularly working with WordPress sites, then you would simply love the all new 1ClickWP web app. As we all know, without proper traffic and lead conversion, no WordPress site can ever be deemed successful, but even before that, one needs to know how to setup a WordPress site effectively. Usually, it takes something between 5 to 60 minutes setup the site, depending on the site type and features.

1ClickWP is a WordPress installation, backup & clone tool + a digital repository for all themes & plugins which can be deployed instantly in just 1 click (SUPER convenient tool for all types of online marketers who work with WordPress, which is just about everyone!)

But wouldn’t it be much easier to setup the site with just one single click of your mouse? Also, wouldn’t it also be great if you could clone and backup your WP site anytime you want with the flick of a switch? Both these concepts were at one point unheard of, as people used to create a backup first, then setup the new WP site, and lastly restore site backup. But often, it has been seen that the backup does not properly restore, and something or the other always goes wrong, leading to you running a broken site, or a site without the proper features.

This used to be a big problem for site owners, but nowadays, these issues are simply nothing. The installation and setup of WP site has become as easy as buying candy, thanks to the wonders of the 1ClickWP web app. This app can be used to deploy and store all your WordPress plugins and themes. You can also use this web app to restore and backup your sites whenever you want.

How the app works:

Using the 1ClickWP web app, you can perform the following functions:

  • Install a WP site without having to upload anything
  • Free from using MySQL username and passwords for WP sites
  • Putting up a site online in 60 seconds or less
  • Safely backing up website and restoring successfully later on
  • Utmost security 24×7 for all WP sites and site backups
  • Cloning a WP site with one click of the mouse

When you use 1ClickWP software, you make sure that all your WP plugins and themes are stored properly, so as to allow you to restore them or use them on a particular WP site whenever you want. When you use 1ClickWP, you get the following advantages:

  • You will never face any problem with the setting up of WordPress sites ever again
  • You do not have to pay freelancers on Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork to work on WP site
  • You do not need to pay specialists or expert consultants to help you cloning, backup and installation of WP site
  • You do not have to pay for any plugin or them you use on your WP site
  • You will not lose track of any WP themes and plugins
  • You do not need to take any online expensive course to learn the workings of WordPress and its associated features
  • When you use 1ClickWP, there is no need for you to possess any blogging or tech skills
  • You can finish up with a WP site in 60 seconds thanks to 1ClickWP

For more detail, you could see 1ClickWP review here. 

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