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USA – 9/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — offers independent feature film and documentary producers new options for releasing their films to theaters and other content distribution channels.

Services to producers include:

  • Theater Booking for premieres, multi-city debuts, and one-week bookings in cities nationwide. Includes ticket sales and local marketing on demand.

  • Press & PR services promote feature films and documentaries to writers, editors, and radio producers.  

  • Search Engine Marketing services ensure film and filmmaker can be found swiftly when media pros and the public search for them on Google.

  • Website development to support ticket sales, merchandise sales, and audience collection.

  • Social Media Marketing campaigns to sell tickets and build buzz via Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

  • Merchandising to expand production company revenues from on-demand product and book sales. founder Nancy Fulton says, “Originally producers who made films handled distribution pretty much the way they handled production and post production of a film.  They made some kind of deal with a theater and split the revenues. Over many years distributors came into being. These companies purchased the right to distribute a film in theaters, on television, on cruise ships, on cable channels, etc. They would pay filmmakers an upfront fee for these rights and then pay them a percentage of the revenues the film earned.”

Fulton continues, “Over the last couple of decades, distribution deals have degraded significantly. Filmmakers are frequently asked to give their rights to the distributor with no upfront fee, or for a small minimum guarantee, and they get paid a percentage of the revenue the film earns only after the distributor recoups all their costs over which a filmmaker has no control. In some cases a film is virtually held captive by a distributor who refuses to release or market it at all. Our service deal distribution services allow the producer to retain ownership and control of their content while ensuring it finds a paying audience.”

Filmmakers can work with before, during, or after production to determine the options available for their film.  For full details visit or email


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