Modern Living with kathy ireland® Debuts The Inspired Home, A Special 5 Part Series Featuring the Latest in Design Concepts and Best in Breed Technology

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(LOS ANGELES, September 13, 2016)Modern Living with kathy ireland® announces a special 5 part series, The Inspired Home, giving viewers an in-depth look at remodeling a home from the inside-out.

Janna Burgess, The Inspired Home tour guide, gives viewers an up-close look at how one incredibly-renovated home came together. She says, “If you’re thinking of buying a new home or remodeling your existing home, wait until you see the show-stopping products and best-in-breed technology within The Inspired Home. We enlisted the help of a very talented designer, Shelley Morelli. Her vision included high-end custom furniture, breathtaking lighting solutions, textured wallpaper that will make you do a double take.”

“It’s all about your heart and everyone that we worked with on The Inspired Home gave from their hearts. We wanted to create a place that someone could go through generationally. The family living in this particularly home had been here since 1997. What we needed to do, as a team, was bring to life their needs by giving them the right products in the right spaces.”

Omer Leibovich, owner of Imagine Repairs & Renovations, was brought on as the General Contractor for The Inspired Home. Together, he and Shelley worked side by side to bring this vision from blue print to reality.

“As a team, we came together to create The Inspired Home. We worked with great companies and used innovative and cutting-edge products that would thoroughly enhance the life of the family living in this house and allow them to enjoy every area in the house. I am proud to have worked on this project and can’t wait for the next one!”

Guided by Burgess, Morelli and Leibovich walk viewers through The Inspired Home, giving tips about their insights, vision and how they ultimately gave the home a complete makeover from top to bottom. To create The Inspired Home, Modern Living with kathy ireland® partnered with top home building, furnishing and technology companies to bring these ideas to fruition.

In the debut episode, The Inspired Home series features participating companies such as Miele, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances.

Miele stands for excellent results combined with the lowest possible energy consumption. The key to this is a wealth of innovative features and cutting edge technology.

“As a German, family owned company since 1899, Miele operates on the philosophy of ‘immer besser,’ a German phrase meaning forever better. Miele is proud to manufacture products for the home that improve the lives of our consumers by providing meaningful innovations that are reliable and design focused,” said Nick Ord, President of Miele USA. “Through our collaboration with Modern Living with kathy ireland®, we would like to join in their mission to educate and motivate the viewers; giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions about the products they bring into their home.” 

In addition to high-end appliances, The Inspired Home series partnered with industry leading cabinet manufacturer Decorá, a subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

Decorá provides a superior blend of cabinetry styles, finishes, organizational solutions and quality. We have countless options for style and finish, including a custom color selection program, allowing homeowners to make each space a true reflection of their personality. These innovations address the needs of today’s homeowner by providing high-quality, inspired solutions for organization and style. We are honored to be featured on The Inspired Home series alongside some of the very best home products and furnishings available,” commented Emily Small, director of public relations & executive administration at MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

In keeping with the theme of inspired living, the home remodel included adding many technological advancements to create a “Smart, Connected Home” so that everything from the sound system to the security to the sprinklers could all be controlled by the push of a button on a mobile device or touch pad. To accomplish this, the producers of the show partnered with Core Brands, a leading provider of award-winning control, audio and power management solutions.

Joe Lautner, Director of Business Development at Core Brands added, “The ELAN Entertainment and Control System, coupled with Audio and Power products from our other award-winning brands enables Core Brands to enable the fully connected home for homeowners around the world. We are thrilled to be working with Modern Living with kathy ireland® to tell our connected Home story to their viewers.”

Gila Stern, Communications Director of Modern Living with kathy ireland®, says, “We’re so excited about the debut of our special 5 part series of Modern Living which focuses on the home. We love showing our viewers the latest trends, stories and breakthroughs to help them live better lives through our everyday shows, but in this special series, we seek to provide even more valuable content in a new way. Our goal is that viewers can get so many helpful tips from our episode about The Inspired Home that they too can create an inspired home. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.”

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