The Alkalizers In Alkazax May Add Years to A Dogs Life

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – 9/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Alkazax wants to help add an extra month, a day or hopefully years to the lives of pets by protecting their liver and kidneys from decay thru the use of natural alkalizers. Liver and kidney decay is one of the most common causes of death in dogs and cats. Since we know this to be a fact, Alkazax may be able to help dogs and cats to live longer by using a little bit of smart prevention with the use of ingredients that are well documented to protect the liver and kidneys.

Alkalizers help to detoxify the body by removing acidic waste products created by a dog’s body as well as removing toxins absorbed thru their environment and their food and created from the process of aging. Acid wastes collected in the body that are not neutralized may lead to more serious health conditions like liver failure, kidney failure or cancer, which are the main reason dogs and cats pass away. The Alkalizers in Alkazax are designed to help neutralize the acidity and lower the ph of acid waste products from a dog’s cells and tissues.

The alkalinity of a dog’s body is essential and cancer and many other illnesses cannot live in alkaline environments so alkalizers can help to enhance the immune system and help it to fight off disease to heal itself. Alkaline is the “normal” state of a healthy pet, in fact one of the ways cancer is detected in the body is by the presence of a low body ph.

The combination of the 6 strongest strains of probiotics in Alkazax with many potent natural alkalizers is an unprecedented leap in the world of pet health.

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