Hypnotherapist Scientifically Proves Life After Death

Dr. David Newman has scientific evidence to support afterliife

September, US – At an International Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, a renowned Hypnotherapist Dr. David Newman has proven the existence of an afterlife with scientific evidence. The new scientific proof supports the concept of life after death, and the results show the existence of a spiritual afterlife. The evidence used to support the discovery of Dr. Newman includes real-time brainwave scans and some significant scientific data.

During an International Conference called Hypnothoughts Live, in a room filled with a hypnotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctors, licensed clinical social workers, Dr. Newman held the audience spellbound as he recounted the methods he uses for Spiritual Regression and Progression. There were approximately 1500-2000 professionals and practitioners from around the world attended the conference.

“This isn’t like past life regression. Spiritual Regression and Progression allows the subject to actually enter what many would consider heaven, and speak with their spiritual council. It is amazing, Buddhist, Muslims, Christians, Agnostics, and even Atheist all report almost identical experiences, the results are always the same. People who go through Spiritual Regression and Progression all experience an intense spiritual awaking and make immediate and positive changes in their lives.” Said Dr. David Newman while addressing the conference.

Spiritual Regression and Progression is achieved by increasing the Gamma Brainwave activity. Individuals that have an increase in Gamma Brainwaves demonstrate an increased spirituality which has a more inclusiveness of the world and humanity and a reduction of the singularity understanding of the world. In every regression (over 1500) every single client has returned noticeably changed for the positive. According to Dr. Newman, he has even taught some of his clients about using a combination of a MUSE device combined with gamma brainwave music and self-hypnosis to enter the spiritual world without the assistance of a hypnotherapist present to supervise the process.

About David Newman

Dr. David Newman, D. Sc., is a Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist and founding partner of RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers at 1803 Sun Valley Drive, Jefferson City, Mo. Dr. Newman spoke at Hypnothoughts Live 2016 International Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his presentation, Newman offered scientific proof of the spiritual afterlife, including real-time brainwave scans.

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