PTSD Treatment Without Drug Therapy

Dr. David Newman Has a New Medical Discovery

September, US – Dr. David Newman has developed a new method to remove all symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD without the use of drug therapy, or traditional psychotherapy. His method is hypnotherapy, and it was explicitly created for first responders and military personnel. However, in practicality, this therapy is effective for everyone (i.e., domestic violence, child abuse, and survivor’s guilt to name a few).

During a five year span (2004- 2008), the number of veterans seeking help for PTSD in the VA system increased from 274,000 to 442,000. This review also cited evidence that ten years after the 1990 Gulf War, 6.2 percent of a sample of veterans still suffered from PTSD. (obtained from the October, 2010, VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Post-Traumatic Stress report).

The Veterans’ Administration, also reports that 22 veterans with PTSD commit suicide every day or 8,030 a year simply because they are in so much psychological pain and they see no way to make it stop.

Traditional PTSD therapy the use of drugs mask the outward symptoms, while, the talk therapy reinforces the trauma by continually making the patient relieve the trauma. The combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy formulates a deadly cocktail of aggression, depression, and often results in the patient committing suicide. On the other hand Newman’s PTSD therapy is fast! Newman’s PTSD therapy takes between 1-6 sessions and all symptoms of PTSD are removed. The PTSD therapy is cost effective, approximately 8 times cheaper than traditional therapies and will never have to be repeated. 

Dr. Newman offers treatment plans for numerous conditions. The testimonials by the satisfied patients on the website reflect the trust they have in the therapy. Patients from other states and countries also contact him for treatment plans.

About Dr. Newman

Dr. Newman is a Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, a Neuro Scientist and an expert at understanding the subconscious mind. Moreover, he is the creator of many therapies including the Neuro LapBand, the Magic Pill, Step Down Smoking Cessation, Neuro Mindwave therapy, Bilateral Hypnosis, removing the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and The Rapid Removal of PTSD symptoms. Dr. Newman is a frequent guest on National Public Radio, NBC, ABC, CBS, and is a popular speaker at hypnosis conferences, and motivational events.

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