Germany Liectoux Nursing Robot Enter the Biggest Resthome in Europe

With Aged tendency of population, more and more Germany aged people needs nursing. According to German Federal Bureau of Statistics, there will be about 3.2 million to be nursed by the year of 2020. Hans Heinrich Driftmann, chairman of DIHK stated that, there will be 150,000 icreasing jobs in nursing indurstry. By the year of 2020, there will be 800,000 medical and nursing staff in need, nevertheless, there is no enough staff to fill this vacancy in Germany. Therefore, Germany Government has come up with kinds of ideas to settle down these problems. Germany Liectroux Robotic Academy, as the leading institute of intelligent robot indurstry, has got orders of nursing robots from several resthomes, esp the most famous resthome in Europe, Augustinum.

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Augustinum, as the toppest resthome in Germany even the whole Europe, has 21 branded resthomes with high-quality cultural entertaiments and cosy natural enviroment, being the most popular by the aged. It takes about 3 to 6 years to wait the queue to enter the resthomes as it owns the best medical apparatus and instruments, the best cardiology department and the best internal and external hospitals in Germany.

Germany Liectoux Nursing Robot Enter the Biggest Resthome in Europe

It is learned that the nursing robots provided from Germany Liectoux Robotic Academy to Augustinum can do lots of things, such as test the health condition, lead the aged to bathrooms, move the aged from the bed to seat, get the medicine from the other room, record the medicine that taken, get the meals, make the bed and make up the dishes, he can even feed with spoons. In view of social needs, Augustinum even bought robot companion to remove the loneliess of the aged. Schmidt Gao Helmut, the former premier of Germany, also enters this robotism resthome.

At the moment, Germany Liectroux Robotic Academy is studying on developing more mature nuring robots, in order to help more of the aged people with robot technology.

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