Performance Merchant Alliance Reports An Uptick In Chip Encrypted Terminals

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EMV Point of sale (POS): The New Safe Way of Doing Business

Since the 2015 EMV transition, Visa has issued more than 282 million chip cards in the U.S. Merchants are bracing themselves to handle the new EMV cards, and almost 40% of all merchants are currently compliant and ready to take EMV cards.

Performance Merchant Alliance reports an uptick in the transition of small businesses from swipe terminals to chip encrypted terminals. With Visa’s issuance of hundreds of millions of credit and debit cards, consumers are driving the demand for merchants to make the change to EMV. Consumers have made it clear: they want the security that comes with the new technology.

The trend to adapt to the new EMV terminals is reducing fraud based on increased chip based transaction volume. Chip transactions reportedly increased by 12.5% in just one month in 2016.

Due to higher EMV-based spending, fraud has reduced by nearly 26% in the first quarter of 2016. As chip technology transactions continue to rise, merchants will notice changes such as less fraud.

 Credit card fraud cost merchants $32 billion in 2014, up $9 billion from 2013. By implementing EMV terminals, merchants get instant relief. More information can be found at

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