Leathershoeswomen.com is a forefront supplier of handcrafted leather footwear for women

Leathershoeswomen.com based in China is a prime manufacturer and distributor of quality leather women’s footwear crafted and stitched by skilled cobblers.

It doesn’t need to be exaggerated that footwear is a significant part of a trendy and fashionable woman’s attire both official and casual. A woman’s meticulousness in dressing up for attending office or for gracing a friend’s wedding reception or for walking into a late-night party will be a sacrilege if she doesn’t pair her apparels with the appropriate type of footwear. A lady walking into the marriage event of her intimate friend dressed in evening suit paired with knee high boots will be everybody’s laughing stock. Hence the significance of turning out in an outfit and footwear that’s suitable for the occasion doesn’t need to be emphasized. Leathershoeswomen.com is a frontline portal that stocks and retails women’s shoes including boots, flats, pumps, sandals, and custom footwear in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Leathershoeswomen.com established more than a decade ago has been specializing in stitching different types of shoes for the opposite sex including thigh high boots. The China-based manufacturer of shoes has 2 separate production units where 200 employees who are highly skilled in cobbling shoes turn out 10,000-20,000 pairs every month. Each and every pair has to go through 5 distinct quality control checks before the same is green signaled for commercial sale. The firm follows a very rigorous manufacturing process from the very outset going right up to the stage of procuring raw materials. The very best grades of raw materials are used for fabricating the shoes.

Leathershoeswomen.com is a forefront supplier of handcrafted leather footwear for women

Thereafter, steps are taken to make sure that the laying out of patterns, cutting according to the pattern, production projects, inspection of both finished and unfinished goods, and ultimate checking of delivery packages. Owing to such a stringent quality control management system being firmly in place, the company is able to keep a close eye on the quality of the wares before the same is delivered. Leathershoeswomen.com also has a separate department for designing and developing innovative evening shoes. The raw materials mainly used for chipping the upper, lower, midsole, tongues, and soles are sheepskin, and Nubuck suede leather of premium grades.

The firm has made it a habit of coming up with 10-20 new styled of knee-high boots particularly during the winter season. Leathershoeswomen.com is in a position to create and supply both standardized and made-to-order shoes. The shoes of this firm are not only comfortable to wear for numerous occasions but also perfect for day-to-day wear. Additionally, the quality of the material coupled with the robustness of the stitching/sewing means that the footwear remains in service for many years. After, the manufacturer confirms that an order has been placed it takes a maximum of 7 days to process and ship the consignment to the required address.

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Leathershoeswomen.com is a frontline producer and distributor of women’s footwear both standardized and bespoke.

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