Award-winning Brit photographer Paul Reiffer redefining photography by turning still shots into moving images

Award-winning Brit photographer Paul Reiffer is redefining photography by turning still images of epic landscapes and cityscapes into never-seen-before 3D moving videos. His revolutionary methods have brought a whole new feel to traditional photographs.

San Francisco, California, September 13, 2016: Epic landscapes and cityscapes undoubtedly make beautiful shots. But wouldn’t it be even cooler to have such shots move? Sounds utopian? Well, multi award-winning Brit photographer Paul Reiffer has come up with a new way of bringing famous landscapes and cityscapes to life by transcending still shots into 3D moving videos.

It’s something very rarely achieved in the photography world until now and Reiffer has introduced a new way to enjoy fine art images. The exclusive videos have been made using images captured over 6 long years from all around the world.

“Can you ever imagine a still shot of a cityscape move? Well, you have it here at where we have pulled my cityscape photography collection into a state of the art video to offer something extraordinary to my audience. It’s my aim to bring a whole new feel to still images – something that people have never seen before. I’m hopeful it would be a very pleasant surprise to our viewers”, smiled the leading photographer whose images are appreciated by many collectors worldwide and used by high-end brands.


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His “out of this world – cityscapes unlike anything you’ve seen before” video on YouTube has garnered a whopping 18,553 views and loads of rave comments.

“It’s the most dynamic video of its type. You’re an immensely talented incredible visionary”, read one comment.

“Absolutely gorgeous”, came from another awe-struck viewer.

The cityscape video is the movie of cities around the world like San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Sydney, Dubai, New York etc.

Both videos have also been featured by China’s state media – CCTV – due to the inclusion of several Chinese cities and landmarks such as the Great Wall.

The internationally acclaimed photographer takes to the innovative “depth mapping” process which takes 4 to 8 hours to perfect each image using high definition 100 megapixel photographs, captured with his Phase One medium format camera.

“Creating moving pictures from still shots involves a painstaking pixel-level job for every photograph. I make sure to keep the integrity of original image as intact as possible while working withthese cutting edge effects. I am really proud to come up with this breakthrough video which shows off the great drama and detail that these 100 Megapixel shots can flaunt while printed in a large-format on wall.”



The huge success of his cityscape video encouraged him to work on his landscape collection and that too has been uploaded on YouTube. The entire video is made from ultra-high resolution stills of mind-blowing landscapes across New Zealand, California, Arizona, Australia, Iceland, China & Paul’s hometown Dorset.

His landscape video on YouTube has received a grand 12,038 views, accompanied by heartfelt inspiring comments.


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“Still on an attempt to dig out how you could create it! Great job, Wow!” said a delighted viewer.


After traveling the world for years, Paul is now back to the UK to work on the commercial projects. With his exclusive experience of being there on both sides of the lens, the pro photographer usually perceives things in a different light and counts on his unique perception to capture shots that are simply unique.

The widely acclaimed photographer is now looking forward to bring the same phenomenal touch to his portraits.

To have a glimpse of Paul’s futuristic works, go to.

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