Arturo Alvarez Demalde’s Website Announces Release of Several New Designs

MIAMI, FL – 9/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Arturo Alvarez Demalde is announcing the release of brand new Maxi dress designs created in the vaunted design studio responsible for the trendsetting and affordable women’s clothing options so immediately recognizable as Demalde-designed clothing items. The new dresses are currently available through the company’s digital retail platform, with the remainder of the fall clothing line scheduled to be revealed in the coming weeks., an online retailer based in Miami, FL specializing in fashionable women’s clothing options, is announcing the release of a wide variety of new Maxi dress designs. Available just in time for the late summer and early fall seasons, Demalde’s new Maxi dresses are only available through the online retailer’s website since the new dresses are all custom designs created in the company’s trendsetting design studio.

As one of the fashion industry’s foremost providers of designer women’s clothing, has consistently set the tone for every approaching season and has been able to do so while offering its custom-designed dresses at prices affordable for any budget. The custom-designed dresses are reflective of Demalde’s overarching philosophy with regard to the products it offers and the prices it deems appropriate, as it has become clear that is dedicated to creating the most unique and highly fashionable clothing options that nonetheless remain within a reasonable price range.

“We are very excited about the release of our full line of clothing for the upcoming fall season, but the new Maxi dress that has been created in our custom design studio has generated quite a bit of anticipation among team members who have had the good fortune of seeing the new designs up close well in advance of the product release,” said a representative. “We are certain that this fashionably designed line of Maxi dresses will generate an immediate fashion trend in which no one will be excluded due to budgetary concerns or any other factors.”

In the announcement, indicated that while the newly designed dresses are available to consumers on an immediate basis, the full extent of the online retailer’s fall clothing line is not yet included among the many offerings currently available through the online retail platform. The online retailer’s representative did offer a reminder to consumers that’s digital retail platform regularly provides access to significant discounts and promotions to its clients, and the representative also noted that the full fall clothing line will be available in its entirety within the next few weeks, if not earlier.


An online retailer specializing in highly fashionable women’s clothing, is widely known for its custom and exclusive fashion designs, all of which are available at exceptionally affordable costs.

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