San Jose SEO Announces New Analytics Strategy

Sept 14, 2016 – San Jose SEO service is known for offering local San Jose residents access to their advanced search engine optimization techniques. However, these techniques are only successful if the data behind them is accurate. Today, they’ve revamped the way they handle analytics data to address a common problem.

When San Jose SEO service develops a strategy to promote your website online, they need to do in-depth research to find out how clients are finding and interacting with your website. This information allows them to understand consumer behavior, an essential component of developing a marketing plan.

Google Analytics tracks all kinds of information about how users view your website. How they found your website, how long they spent reading your content, what pages they viewed, and much more is all tracked. For San Jose SEO, the most important metric is referrals. When they see that a specific search term is bringing a lot of traffic to your website, they’ll know that they need to focus on promoting this term.

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Unfortunately, it is possible that analytics does not track all of these referrals properly. There are many circumstances where referrals are not counted properly. This means that your website may be receiving traffic from sources that you are not aware of. It also means that some search terms may be bring many more visitors to your website than indicated on Google Analytics.

That’s why San Jose SEO Service is now employing a new analytics strategy that will allow them to catch these errors. By improving the accuracy of your Analytics data, local San Jose businesses will be able to make better business decisions. They’ll also be able to develop more accurate SEO strategies for their clients as they have an accurate representation of how users are interacting with your website.

San Jose SEO service knows that online marketing is a dynamic and fast paced industry. This new analytics strategy is simply one of the many ways they are constantly tweaking their services to meet the demands of the modern marketplace.

San Jose SEO service is always striving to provide the most effective services possible to their clients. Although they have a number of SEO strategies in place, their business is based on the fact that every individual client has a custom SEO strategy designed to meet their specific needs. San Jose SEO’s latest update is just another way that they’re offering local San Jose residents the local solution that they need.

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