Children Learn World History From Cats! San Francisco Artist Releases Third Coloring Book, “Costumed Cats, A Coloring Collection of Great Cats in History!”

Sunde White industries releases third coloring book, “Costumed Cats, A coloring collection of great cats in history!” 40 page coloring book featuring great cats in history such as Cat Cat Chanel, Queen Elisicat I and Napoleon Bonacat.

History is celebrated in new coloring book, “Costumed Cats, A coloring collection of great cats in history!”.

Sunde White has released her third coloring book through her publishing company,  Sunde White Industries.  “Costumed Cats, A coloring collection of great cats in history!” is a forty page book with twenty images to color.  It offers a journey through an alternate cat universe where great historic cats such as Napoleon Bonacat, Queen Elizacat I and Harricat Tubman’s stories can be told…and colored in.  The detailed and artfully hand drawn and inked images are accompanied by a short biography of each historic cat.

The Harricat Tubman page is very timely considering she is going to be the first woman on the twenty dollar bill.  “I was so excited when I found out she was going to be on the bill .” says Sunde.  “The book was in pre-press so I had to go back in and add that new information.”

For seven years Sunde has written and designed greeting cards for her company, Sunde White Industries.  Her cards are in over four hundred stores worldwide.  This year she has expanded her product line to journals and coloring books.  She lives and works in San Francisco with her two dogs and husband.

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