Blueliv reveals latest Vawtrak intelligence and calls for industry collaboration against cyber threat

BARCELONA, SPAIN – 9/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Global cyber threat intelligence provider Blueliv today releases a new report offering the most complete picture yet of the distribution and impact of banking Trojan Vawtrak V2. It also includes the results of a detailed investigation into the infrastructure and cyber criminal groups behind it.

Based on analysis of a 12 month snapshot, “Chasing Cybercrime: Network insights into Vawtrak v2” not only outlines the evolution and chronology of the threat, it reveals the results of a reverse engineering program that exposed previously unreported behavior patterns.

The report also reveals two different infrastructures: one dedicated exclusively to malware distribution; the other to maintenance, control and the reporting of stolen data.

On behalf of Blueliv Labs Team, Ramon Vicens, VP adds: “We go into depth on the criminal groups behind the Trojan and reveal how their infrastructure manages and maintains a huge botnet of infected systems. This group uses hosts in which multiple command and control panels co-exist and are used to distribute both Vawtrak and other Trojans and evade detection and blocking.”

Using big data analytics, Blueliv’s expert in-house research Labs team has been able to discover more about Vawtrak’s functionality than ever before, and warns that its modular versatility and threat to networks is increasing.

The report will enable CISOs, researchers, security experts and incident response teams to enhance their understanding of Vawtrak and familiarize themselves with the ways in which it’s distributed and executed. It also provides real infection data and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) that readers can input into their existing security solutions to enhance their protection.

Blueliv CEO Daniel Solis concludes: “The banking industry must adopt the same organizational techniques practised by these cybercriminal groups in order to understand the Vawtrak banking Trojan, and share knowledge across the cyber security community to mitigate the threat posed to the banking eco-system and attempt to keep pace with the evolution of cybercrime. The Blueliv Threat Exchange Network pioneers this.”

“Chasing Cybercrime: Network insights into Vawtrak v2” is available to download here:


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About the company: Blueliv provides targeted cyber threat intelligence and analysis for large enterprises, service providers and security vendors. Its cyber threat and feed platforms address a comprehensive range of cyber threats to turn global threat data into predictive, actionable enhancing your ability to detect, identify and mitigate cyber threats. In 2015 Blueliv achieved ‘Cool Vendor’ status with Gartner and is a 2016 winner of Go Ignite. Blueliv has its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

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