Lepide’s auditing solutions are helping prestigious organizations better manage their IT infrastructure

“”We can fully depend on LepideAuditor for all our auditing needs.””
The New York Mets, Napier University and the Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives have all praised Lepide’s solutions for their sophistication, ease of use and affordability

Lepide Software has been providing solutions to help Organizations – regardless of size, sector or budget – with all manner of security, systems management and compliance challenges. Thanks to their commitment to continuous improvement, Lepide’s auditing solutions have drawn the attention of some prestigious Organizations from all around the world.

In the UK, Lepide have helped Napier University by providing them with LepideAuditor Suite – a pro-active and in-depth means of auditing, monitoring and alerting on critical IT systems. It allowed them to better address systems management challenges at a reasonable cost. Kevin Gallagher, Senior Systems Administrator at Napier, had the following to say; “While price is always a factor in the education sector we ultimately chose Lepide as they were able to offer us threshold alerting, a decent way of separating out reporting duties to a web console and a site licence with extended support and maintenance.”

In the USA, Lepide was able to assist the prestigious New York Mets notify their large base of remote users when their passwords were due to expire. Being a large organisation often means having to deploy automated solutions to better manage remote users, and the Mets chose Lepide to be the ones to do this. A spokesperson for the Mets noted, Lepide User Password Expiration Manager is all we hoped it would be. Very easy to use and the email notifications are brilliant.”

In Asia, Lepide have been able to help the Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives get more information from their audit reports than they were getting from Microsoft’s native auditing processes. The Ministry of Tourism is an invaluable asset to the economy of the Maldives, but being a government organisation meant budget was sometimes an issue. Thanks to Lepide, they are now able to pro-actively audit their File Servers in-depth at a very reasonable price. The IT Manager at the MoT said, “We can fully depend on LepideAuditor for File Server for all our auditing needs.”

Having prestigious clients praise Lepide’s solutions demonstrates their commitment to providing quality at easily affordable prices. Organizations of all size, sector and budget can rely on Lepide to provide them with a pro-active, comprehensive and cost-effective way to audit, monitor and alert on critical IT systems. It is an exciting time at Lepide, and their success with high profile clients will only lead to better things for the organisation.

About Lepide:
Lepide are a global provider of IT security solutions with offices in the UK, USA and India. They specialize in providing solutions that help audit and monitor changes, track permissions and monitor file/folder level access. With over 200,000 customers across the globe they’re fast becoming a major player in the IT security industry.
Lepide also offers a number of solutions to help with all manner of Exchange/Office 365 and Document migrations as well as Exchange recovery.

Company website: www.lepide.com

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