KOOCAN Original Chinese TV Box Launched in USA

Copyright of CIBN Oriental Chinese TV channels and programs from KOOCAN will bring you a stable TV journey.

With the development of technology, we lead a better and easier life style. Since iPhone 7 has been released on 7th this month, it changes our lives even the future of internet. Meanwhile people oversea can enjoy the new electronic product –the Chinese TV BOX by KOOCAN.

“KOOCAN TV BOX is quite different from the traditional IPTV box,” Roy, the KOOCAN product manager said, “4 key points will let you know more about KOOCAN TV BOX comprehensively.

One of the main advantages: 100 plus CIBN oriental genuine authority channels and programs .KOOCAN provides users with a comfortable and stable way to watch TV at home, this is unlike other TV box brands which broadcast without any copyright and stop their  service unstably.


Moreover, KOOCAN provide 7×24 hours replaying without any delay. According to the research, missing some favorite TV set or news in time is the big problem in people’s daily life. So this function will resolve this trouble via 7 days memory online.


Users can experience super smooth streaming through the latest technology of 4K decoding. The KOOCAN TV BOX users report notes that 4K decoding displays a better performance on TV, even they play games online. H.265 coding standard is another core technology of KOOCAN BOX, which is considered to be the most important way to measure a video coding standard since humans perceive video quality subjectively.


And the most important key is the good inner operation of 64 bit high performance and 4 core processor, this is why KOOCAN TV BOX can provide users a stable and fluent performance.


As the slogan of KOOCAN team, “get it easier, get it better”, KOOCAN devote to creating a better lifestyle for global people. In the future, we hope this KOOCAN (HONGKONG) will design and produce more entertainment electronic products and enrich our lives.

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