ZenNotify is a Revolutionary Software That Can Change The Way of Your Online Marketing Approach

Briefly, ZenNotify is groundbreaking software that offers you the best online marketing solutions and relieves you from stress. This revolutionary software allows you to:

– Obtain more traffic to your online business website

– Obtain high sales to your products

– Change traditional, aimless internet marketing approach

– Works with HTML Sites, WordPress, Shopify, and E-Commerce Stores

If you are a small businessman or an affiliate marketer, then you should know push-notification is very famous currently, which allows you to send the warning to your website instantly. This software can help you get more traffic, helps you get high sales effortlessly. ZenNotify is the latest and the perfect Push Notification software that can help you get more traffic to your website and you can find this software at ZenNotify official site.

Main Features оf this ZenNotify software:

Here you can find some of the main features of the ZenNotify, and you can also understand what makes this software different from other Push Notification Software:

– ZenNotify is a 100 percent Cloud Based platform that offers the best possible ways to steer traffic to your website without any install or download, you just need to copy and paste the app.

– It allows you to setup easily; it takes just 5mins to setup.

– It allows you to copy paste the code to multiple websites.

– It supports the browsers such as Firebox and Chrome. You can also get ZenNotify on. Mobiles, but it is available only on a Chrome Browsers of Android OS.

– It allows you to create your own notice or announcement or you can also use the Template to craft your own notification.

– It allows you to modify it by adding your personal logo, messages, etc. This helps your website look unique and effective among other websites. Also, ZenNotify contains 10 proven templates with the largest position on the market.

– It also allows you to Program your Pushing Notification according to your choice of time. If your target audience is active, then you can just schedule notification for that particular time.  This process helps you get more clicks.

– It helps you to promote your section, as it allows you to collect your audiences into segments or campaigns, and in any condition, you can send a warning to specific segments.

– You can check or observe your visitors, conversions, and interaction of your warning or announcement in real time.

– Offers unlimited subscribers, ZenNotify contain three account plans with different rates. In one type of account plan, customers can include unlimited subscribers in the database. 

ZenNotify is revolutionary software that changes the way that you do your online marketing. This outstanding software offers unlimited subscribers, 10 notification templates, and 5-invite notification templates. It helps you evolve along with evolving internet market and help you understand the real-time marketing process. ZenNotify offers great features that are not available in any other Push Notification softwares. It allows you to modify the Invite Notification with the live editor. Also, it allows you to modify images& videos. Customize button, setting Thank You URL, and set up extra link.

 For more detail, you could see ZenNotify software preview here. 

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